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Emotions & Thoughts...

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Emotions & Thought's...
by Oliver Troll

There is an evolutionary expansion going on at this moment of now. You might feel it or not..

There are information everywhere concerning the current energies hitting the planet. Something is brewing ... just came across these words of wisdom from a fellow human being - see the quotes further down!

We are so occupied with our daily lives so we tuck away those emotional feelings that needs to be released just in order have them come up at another point in life when maybe not appropriate at all i.e. lashing out at somebody who just got the last straw but is innocent. Work with what you have meaning your mind and body this is why you are here and not to collect stuff...

"...YOU'RE not doing this for only you, you're doing this for the whole planet and other worlds as well... if you found this information for instance... you can bet there are reasons behind it.. "  
REAL wisdom again: “The challenge is to master the emotions and thoughts, without suppressing them so that they are hidden away to be dealt with in the future. Deal with them up front, experience, feel and release.”

Emotions are energy (thoughts too). Energy is meant to flow. Denying or postponing emotions just causes a pressure build up, not to mention dis-ease. It’s gotta come out some time or you’ll blow up.

Suppressing emotions – any and all emotions, for there are no “bad” emotions except those not expressed – will just cause problems and that applies to love and anger equally.

I've found that some people stuff their emotions and don't feel them. Yep, waiting for a future time for them to be triggered and shoot bullets at some innocent bystander.

But some people actually do feel, their emotions ride at the surface, but these types might just use all their ranting and raving as “refueling” instead of taking the next step and releasing. It'd be like a steam engine having a pressure release pipe that instead of venting out, the pipe doubles back and goes right back in the steam engine. Let your rants be a true vent that actually leads to release.

As this quote we're looking at says – experience, feel and release. All parts are equally important. All parts represent some stage of the energy flow.

Everyone, “get current” / “up-to-date” on your old emotions by allowing them to surface, then release them.

One day you'll be experiencing emotions in an ideal way – where they happen immediately, with full intensity, right along with the event they belong to.

Pay no attention to the “man behind the current”, including silly lightworkers who advise such stupid crap as “don’t feel this or you must feel that.” Bunk! You feel whatever you feel. And if it’s an icky feeling, the best way for it to pass quickly is to feel it NOW and IN FULL… then get over it.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“We’re too busy keeping our emotions in check to ever dream of infinite possibilities. And maybe that is the ultimate conspiracy.” ~ Ramtha from the movie What The Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole.

(“We”? Who you talking about Ramtha, you got a turd in your pocket? Not me! I don’t keep my emotions in check.  )

But yep, that emotional suppression keeps people too busy and distracted and then they don’t dream the REALLY big dreams, the ones WITHOUT limit, the infinite possibility dreams.

(Is someone gonna now post Madonna singing “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself”?

There is a strong connection between mind and body – our thoughts manifest outwardly, not only in our environment but also in our physicality.

Pay attention to what’s happening with your body, everything from an ache, pain, bump, bruise to major chronic illness.

It’s giving you vital feedback about your "stinkin’ thinkin’". (See Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body”) Pay attention early while it’s still a bruise, ache or sprain, BEFORE it becomes you being on your deathbed.

Just be mindful of your thoughts. Don't deny them either, but maybe it’s time to think something else. Maybe it’s time to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you, that continue to bring experiences that you no longer need or want. The subtly, deeply ingrained ones are the problem children.

The socially accepted ones that the brainwashed masses are all into. Truth is NOT by consensus. But your thoughts, in any and all directions, are indeed creating your reality. Time for a new reality?

There is also a strong connection between emotions and spirit. By allowing yourself to feel, you can better hear the Divine. You’re suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and there’s not any outward trigger or even an old memory for it?

Then check in with the Divine, what are they communicating to you? And the Divine can also hear you better when you emotionally express. Is the Divine (or others communicating with you from above the veil) giving you the “don't call us, we'll call you” treatment? Oh sure, if they want something from you, it comes through loud and clear, but if you'd like an answer from them, then it’s painstaking, clunky whatever – Tarot readings or the like.

Get after the Divine, full blast. Emotional energy is VERY powerful. Trust me they'll hear ya."

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