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Starry, starry sky....

650 40-second exposures of star trails make for a dizzying sky... by Lincoln Harrison:

Love Quest Day 1

Welcome to our Quest for Agape. 

To love without condition is surrender.  It is ultimate truth.  There is nothing that stands in the way of this love; nothing to hide, to protest, to blame, to judge, to avoid.  There is nothing to risk.

This is not to say that it feels this way, for it does not.  On your way to Agape you’ll want to hide.  You may perceive hiding as the safest route to take.  Once taken, you’ll realize something; you are not in Agape, you are merely alone.  Although love begins within, this is a physical existence.  It is meant to be lived out loud, with all of us.

In 2011 these Quests were begun as a path to discover self love and self forgiveness.  After 2 years of monthly journeys, we reached a point of understanding.  Intellectually we comprehended our own worth. 

Yet today, 1 ½ years later, do we experience everyday Agape?  What does that look like anyway?  It is there I’d like to take us.

We have all chosen beautifully. Our life is made up of mirrors. We are surrounded by each other; gauges for the degree of love which is present.  Look around.  If someone enrages you internally, you’ve seen your own self-loathing. 

This is how it works.  As long as there exists in your heart any reason to hate or to be annoyed or to be afraid or to judge or to blame – you do not love.  We are all lovable.  How is this true?  It is true because we are One.

Unity is the answer for every conundrum.  Recently I experienced physical evidence for this.  An accident left me physically, but temporarily, sort of deformed facially.  It’s been 3 weeks and part of my face is still black and blue, while there is a lump protruding from my forehead.  Only now do people not look away from my face in public.  Three weeks ago this was not the case.

The thing is, I have not changed on the inside.  I AM me.  I feel whole and attractive and strong and love and the same.  In the eyes of almost everyone I’ve met, I am not.  I have not been offended by their discomfort and avoidance, just curious.  After many repeated and uncomfortable encounters it became perfectly clear who we are.

We are self defined.

The awkward feelings and silent judgments of each stranger I encountered say nothing about who I am – but volumes about who they are.  How we react and feel about what and who we encounter outside of our bathroom mirror is a clear image of who we are; clearer than any piece of glass can provide.  I was a problem for everyone but me these last few weeks. 
I am not diminished by their judgment, while they suffer.  I know I am more than these lumps and bruises.  I am a piece of eternity; whole and beautiful; as are you.

You are a Master; only Masters can incarnate as human.  You have come here to challenge yourself, to see yourself with lumps and bruises and to remember who you are.

Love is not perfectly dressed, photo-shopped, planned, or performed.  It is sometimes lumpy and may leave ugliness on the outside.  Love doesn’t show on the outside.  On the outside is “window dressing”, which is fun and part of being human but not the point of this Quest.  This Quest is about finding what’s beautiful on the inside.  That’s where you are.

Remember.  Remember who you are – a bit of Source who showed up on planet Earth to show us how it’s done. 

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.

Aisha North: A short update on the energies

A short update on the energies
by Aisha North
September 15, 2014

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

In other words, make sure to prepare yourselves for this incoming light by consciously going through your entire list of fixations, and we do mean that in a very broad way. For what needs to be fixed should be looked at in this upcoming period, and when we say fix, it is intended to cover the entire gamut from severance of old ties, finalisation and closure, and all the way to fixing up solid anchorage to the new. And so, what may seem to be a long list of contradictions will eventually clarify your situation more and more as you begin to survey the scene that lies before you. Are you entirely free from any old inhibitors, or have some of them started to resurface again? And if they have, have you realised the reason for it, or has your mind started to play out the same old tales of disbelief and diminishment?

You see, as these incoming energies continue to squeeze and pull at you, it will also continue to extract the old and outdated juices if you will, and so, you may all at some time get that lingering sour taste of yesteryear in your mouth. But again it is essential to understand that this is all about extraction, and so, whatever may surface is doing so in order to make it disappear from your foundation, but in doing so, it may serve to confuse you even further. For this time, it serves you all to keep in mind that this is not for you to hold on to and scrutinize, no matter how foul a taste it will leave as it exits your being. No, this is simply something that you need to sever any attachment at all to in order to clarify you for that next step of final separation that looms ahead.

Cannabis profits eyed by Monsanto, Cargill, Warren Buffett and George Soros...

The Invisible Hand Cultivates Cannabis

By Staff News & Analysis - September 15, 2014

Warren Buffett's company subsidiary is marketing pot-growing spaces ... Talk about savvy marketing. Cubic Designs Inc., a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., has sent hundreds of fliers to weed dispensaries in Colorado, Washington, and California. "Double your growing space," one flier reads in capital letters, while another page adds, "Grow your profits." – The Week

Dominant Social Theme: Here's a good business opportunity. Capitalism comes to cannabis.

Free-Market Analysis: This was predictable. Buffett is finally making a move.

What's a little puzzling is why he waited so long. But it had to come. We've already predicted that the industry is going to see corporate participation and sooner than later. Industrial giants are all going to want to operate in this space. Cannabis is the profit-opportunity of the 21st century, for sure.

Smaller firms will cash out and make a killing. Larger companies will rationalize the sector and create the usual mercantilist/regulatory structures that will benefit the biggest while constraining entrepreneurial activity.

All that is in the future, though. Right now the cannabis business is still in its infancy. Thus, we'll see the beginnings of participation from people like Buffett – but nothing overwhelming. Not yet, anyway, though there are probably plans afoot ...

Here's more:

Cubic Designs builds additional platforms in warehouse spaces, allowing companies to expand usable areas of their holdings. A couple of marijuana growers independently contacted the company, inquiring about the "mezzanine systems." So, "we sold a few mezzanines into that market and decided internally, 'Why don't we do some marketing?'" Shannon Salchert, marketing coordinator for Cubic Designs, said. 
Contacting growers has been difficult because growing pot is "still secretive," Salchert notes, so the company has instead left the fliers at dispensaries. Warren Buffet did not respond to an interview request from Bloomberg Businessweek, but the 84-year-old billionaire is reportedly known for giving his company's offshoots a large amount of autonomy when it comes to operational decisions.

Cannabis as an industry has a long way to go to mature. But Buffett probably can't resist some minimal involvement. Perhaps he is aware that other corporate food giants are stirring as well.

Cargill is one such, as is Monsanto. Back in December 2013, we predicted that Monsanto would utilize Uruguay's cannabis legalization to take a foothold in that small country. We wrote:

Monsanto, under attack regarding its GMO seeds, may need a new market to re-establish credibility and even popularity – as marijuana will surely prove a more welcome crop than soy in the public mind. Monsanto's efforts as regards marijuana in Uruguay may be helped by the overwhelming government involvement in the cultivation, sales and marketing of marijuana. Monsanto Marijuana Initiative Grows in Uruguay?

And now we see this, from MarketWatch:

Monsanto and billionaire investor George Soros have gotten their hands dirty and pushed to get into the marijuana business. Now that Uraguay became the first country to legalize the production and sale of marijuana, Monsanto plans to launch production of genetically modified marijuana. Analysts are pondering if marijuana will become the next GMO (genetically modified organisms) crop, with patentable transgenic strains developed with increased active compounds for use in drugs. 
With its talent at bending smaller governments to its will, Monsanto may find a significant opportunity in Uruguay to establish an even more aggressive business beachhead. There is no doubt that the Uruguayan government will dominate marijuana production, at least in the short term.

How did we know enough to predict this? We didn't. We only knew that Soros and Monsanto are mercantile opportunists and that Uruguay would probably provide fertile soil for potential cannabis initiatives. Cargill is already a big presence in Uruguay, and no doubt Monsanto will leverage its relationships with such corporate colleagues.

Again, we're only at the beginning of this cannabis corporate emergence. In fact, Buffett's company hasn't fully figured it out. The real action regarding cannabis cultivation is going to take place in Latin America ... and out of doors. Buffett's initiative is an indoor one.

We can certainly see the day when vast cannabis plantations spread throughout the warmer parts of South and Central America, mimicking the banana and pineapple plantations that have become part of the lore about the history of the continent.


Buffett's emergence is just the beginning. This is going to be a long and profitable ride, with plenty of controversy and confrontation as well.

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