Saturday, August 23, 2014

U.S. Wants to Bomb ISIS In Syria ... Maybe We Should (cough) First Stop ARMING THEM?

Sometimes the obvious is so easily missed by those with complicated mind syndrome commonly found in intelligence circles and governments.... -AK

U.S. Wants to Bomb ISIS In Syria ... Maybe We Should (cough) First Stop ARMING THEM?

Submitted by George Washington on 08/22/2014 17:59 -0400

U.S. foreign policy is schizophrenic.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says we need to attack the Sunni militants in Syria.

The deputy national security adviser to President Obama says we should go after ISIS in Syria.

Okay …

But the U.S. and our closest allies have long supported Sunni militants.

And the U.S. and our closest allies have been arming and training Islamic jihadists in Syria for years. And see this, this, this and this.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a fortune-teller to have known this was a bad idea.

As Michael Shank – Adjunct Faculty and Board Member at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and director of foreign policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation – warned a year ago:

The Senate and House Intelligence committees’ about-face decision last week to arm the rebels in Syria is dangerous and disconcerting. The weapons will assuredly end up in the wrong hands and will only escalate the slaughter in Syria. Regardless of the vetting procedures in place, the sheer factionalized nature of the opposition guarantees that the arms will end up in some unsavory hands. The same militant fighters who have committed gross atrocities are among the best-positioned of the rebel groups to seize the weapons that the United States sends to Syria.

King Mohammed VI urges Maghreb integration

[AFP/Ho/Moroccan Royal Palace] Morocco's King Mohammed VI
prepares to deliver a speech marking the 15th anniversary of his
 coronation on July 30th in Rabat.

King Mohammed VI urges Maghreb integration
By Siham Ali in Rabat for Magharebia – 01/08/2014

King Mohammed VI used his Throne Day speech Wednesday (July 30th) to give another push for Maghreb integration.

"With regard to the Maghreb, we reaffirm our determination to build a strong union based on solid bilateral relations and inclusive economic projects," the Moroccan monarch underlined on the 15th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

The king said he was certain that disagreement was not an insurmountable inevitability and was normal in all groups. He cited the example of the European Union, which he said has always experienced disagreements between its members without these differences leading to a break-up.

He added that whatever the scope of the disagreement, it could not justify the continuing closure of borders.

"The situation has reached a point that Maghreb citizens neither understand nor accept. [Berber families span artificial borders -AK] So much so that many of the people I spoke to during my journeys to certain brother nations were amazed at the reasons why the borders are still closed and called for the barriers between our nations to be removed," he said.

Jamal Farhani, a political analyst, said that the Maghreb Union was no longer a luxury or an optional extra but a duty for all countries in the region so that they can tackle challenges of all kinds.

The first of these, he said, was the socio-economic situation, which necessitates closer co-ordination between the Maghreb nations so that they can deliver the desired level of development for the population. The Maghreb must be built up into a strong regional economic hub so that growth can be increased and employment can be created, Farhani said.

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