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December 1-7, 2013

Beloved Ones,

There are mighty signs in the heavens that humankind can no longer ignore or deny. Something big is taking place that involves not only the planet Earth but the entire cosmos. You are the conduits who are now taking on an even greater role of keeping the Earth in balance. This is a most important function of your presence here on Earth. Daily ground your roots into the crystalline diamond core of Mother Earth and as you feel the Earth’s energies rising upwards through your column of light, connect into the great diamond in the great central sun. This intention will bring the energies of the higher dimensions into the Earth’s core and spread out in concentric circles throughout the planet through each of you. There is no place upon and within the Earth that will not be touched by these energies.

Transformation in all systems is now a moment by moment occurrence. No one knows what will happen next, for your planet is traversing the unknown and there is nothing to do but go with it. It is both exciting and exhilarating and rather frightening at the same time. By carefully watching the signs in the heavens and those upon the Earth, you can keep moving forward in faith and trust that all is well and according to the Divine Plan for all life in the cosmos.  There is Earth changes taking place which are quite startling in their suddenness and many that are taking place beneath the oceans of your world that you are not aware of. The last vestiges of old programs and belief systems are insisting that you pay attention to them and it behooves each of you to be steadfast in your determination to stand in your light and your truth and go the distance.

Many mind boggling occurrences are about to unfold and it is necessary to stay connected within your divine heart space as much as possible. Be flexible in your expectations at the start of each day and takes what comes with equanimity. The unseen realms are making their appearance with greater frequency and are aligning in proximity at the edges of the end of one dimension and the beginning of another. You are the masters of alchemy and can now create the world of your deepest hearts desires. There will be many opportunities to join together in unity to focus on that which is needed in specific moments of time upon the surface of the planet. Know that as you connect with the rainbow portal of light as you come to this website, you are being activated to higher and higher levels of consciousness. It is a continuing work in progress for each and all.

The raising of your frequency level is absolutely essential each day if you want to be able to cope with all that manifests upon the surface of your planet and in your daily lives. Work together and help each other as you become aware of the need to do so. Love comes calling in its many facets and wonders. The people that you are meant to meet appear as if by magic, projects that have been put on hold suddenly complete themselves in complete grace and astounding ease! Life takes on the magical quality of synchronicity and you will find yourselves filled with enthusiasm to create new projects and tasks. You will be raising the bar on the standards needed to walk this Earth as a divine being, fully expressing your kinship with the creator of all.

You can access greater information and knowledge from the crystalline grid than was ever possible before. Tuning into the great crystals that reside in and on the planet will help align you to the hidden treasures that have been hidden within you.  Embrace these gifts with zest and relish as they come to your awareness, for it is not only that which is not love within you that needs contemplation, release and reflection but also the celebration of that which comes to remind you of your magnificence. You begin now to experience your own greatness as the blockages to this knowledge are lifted in the upraised frequencies.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Flash points have been activated

Flash points have been activated
by √ČirePort

Flash points have been activated and such are in progress.

All dimensional levels are involved and none are exempt.

Centeredness in all affairs will moderate effects.

Enlightenment in full for hu-manity is in process.

√ČirePort | December 3, 2013 at 21:01
URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-qF

Russia Debates Outlawing US Federal Reserve Notes


By Susan Duclos

Russia is debating a bill that would completely outlaw the US Dollar, predicting the dollar’s total collapse by the year 2017, with Russian lawmaker Mikhail Degtyarev quoted as saying “If the U.S. national debt continues to grow, the collapse of the dollar system will take place in 2017. The countries that will suffer the most will be those that have failed to wean themselves off their dependence on the dollar in time….”

More on this in the video below from The Lip TV:

Via the video details:

Russian lawmakers are debating a bill that would ban the US dollar in Russia as a means of avoiding the negative effects of the dollar collapsing–which they speculate should happen by 2017–and would reinstitute the ban that was in place during the socialist administration of old. We look at how the dollar is getting called out as a “ponzi scheme,” and what this means for our currency and foreign relations in this Buzzsaw news clip with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace.
Watch the full episode here:

NanoShip Anonymous Shipping Platform powered by Bitcoin

Note: Our data indicates Bitcoin is currently under the control of the US Treasury. -Bill

NanoShip Anonymous Shipping Platform powered by Bitcoin


NanoShip supplies a shipping system that matches the freedom and global nature of the Bitcoin economy.

NanoShip would function similarly to a social network or shopping service, where people can join using anonymous email such as Bitmessage.ch or with Bitmessage itself. They could choose to be a courier, someone who will just use the service to send packages or both.

Couriers would set the prices they would charge to deliver a package a certain distance, based on their costs, which would be displayed on their page along with their courier rating. The rating would let potential shippers get an idea of the reliability of the courier and they would have the ability to communicate to discuss the details.

The addresses are based on GPS technology, and the users choose a point that represents their "address". That point can be anywhere on Earth, or can correlate with their physical address. This system offers greater anonymity and flexibility over addresses based on streets.

The GPS coordinates are encrypted into a hash, which serves as their physical "address". There would be software within NanoShip that combines that with GPS navigation data to guide the couriers to their destinations, while not transmitting raw GPS data.

If shipping a package, the customer would browse the couriers and although they do not know the exact physical addresses, knowing the general locations of the chosen addresses of the potential couriers would allow the customer to choose a course for the delivery of their package.

When the couriers are chosen and the price is agreed upon, the customer would pay for the shipping and generate a QR code label with the software to be placed on the package. The Bitcoins go into a type of decentralized escrow, and the first courier meets the customer at the customer's chosen GPS-based NanoShip address.

The customer would scan the QR code of the package with their mobile or other device, putting that package into the network, the courier would then scan the package to signify taking responsibility of the shipment.

The customer does not know the courier's real name, but has seen the courier's face. This face to face contact reduces anonymity, but also reduces risk in the system.

The courier would then be able to follow GPS navigation in the mobile version of NanoShip to the next node or destination. When the next destination is reached and the package is passed to the next courier or if it's the end destination, the recipient, would then scan the QR code on the package, confirming delivery and releasing the agreed upon fee for the delivery from the escrow account immediately to the courier's Bitcoin wallet.

Crossing strict borders could be difficult, but could also command a higher price for the service.

The NanoShip shipping software would be placed on de-centralized nodes to syndicate the service, making it easier to reach on the Internet and for redundancy to make interruption of service more difficult.

Most of the money paid for the shipping service will go to the people shipping the packages, and the operators coordinating the service will receive a smaller fee. NanoShip would create opportunities for people to earn income from shipping packages, income for people hosting nodes and for people to earn income in operations.

The funding received here will go for acquiring operations space, paying people to write the code for the software and develop the service, for acquiring a number of adequate servers, operations costs, advertising and marketing.

- See more at: https://bitcoinstarter.com/projects/327#sthash.oI0DJZEG.dpuf

What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?

The following is Justin's article on the what the OPPT did.  Comments below in red are mine solely. I thought I'd expand on some of the thoughts expressed below.  My comments are meant to expand on what is presented below, this is not a critique what Justin has written to the best of his knowledge and heart.  I want to express my sincere thanks to Justin for his timely article!  -Bill

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What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?

By Justin stillness in the storm, published on December 2, 2013

There is a LOT to learn from this post. Why has no one being able to get their value acknowledged by the banks? What is the purpose of the Bond Documents if the banks do not want to play? What the BIG picture of all this really is, for you, me and the whole planet.

When I was reading this, there was an aha moment when it came to the big picture, the holistic perspective. Many of us are frustrated that our lives have not improved by accessing our value with debt instruments; money.

Some Big questions about the former OPPT and its ultimate purpose:

Why did OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it?

Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?

[One CVAC was filed for the USA Corp, the main purpose of the CVAC was to secure the value from further hypothecation, mirroring, and phoenixing of the slavery systems.  The USA Corp. is the defacto master corporation of all others. The slavery systems made the fatal mistake of standardising all the corporate structures based on the USA model and centralizing all the filing and registration (for ease of world administration) under the USA Corp and UCC systems and international equivalents. 

As to perceived time delays, Heather has always done what she calls "following the energetic trail" [kind of a quantum approach to processing information that she has been sharing with me the last 2 weeks - and its quite amazing to watch in practice...] and her filings and "DO-ing" are always event based milestones rather than time-line milestones.  -Bill]

If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?

[The OPPT was a trust vehicle created solely to recover the value of the One People which are Eternal Essence manifestations of Prime Creator Source which make them ultimate secured party for the value as recognized by the slavery systems own laws, codes, and structures of hierarchy.  

The OPPT also was gifted and later accepted the ownership of the Slavery Registration System known as the UCC which of all the actions of the corporations and banking systems.  The OPPT closed the UCC system and established the I Value System.   While these filings are in fact valid, the banking systems continued to ignore [in public but not privately] that the systems are closed.   The past 12 months are essentially the time that takes the existing energy in the systems to run out their pipelines.

The UCC is the bottom 3D registration tier of what is known in other realms as the Akashic records. -Bill ]

Australian eagle steals croc-cam and takes a "selfie"

This was posted at: Rumor Mill News

Full article at The Register

Over 300,000 defy protest ban in Ukraine

Do they understand the financial state of the EU? -Bill

Over 300,000 defy protest ban in Ukraine
Fierce clashes erupt after protesters take to streets again, chanting "revolution" as anger against government grows.
Last updated: 02 Dec 2013 02:12

A protest by about 300,000 Ukrainians angered by their government's decision to freeze integration with the West turned violent, when a group of demonstrators besieged the president's office and police drove them back with truncheons, tear gas and flash grenades.

Chants of "revolution'' had earlier resounded across a sea of EU and Ukrainian flags on the square, where the government had banned rallies starting on Sunday.

But far-right nationalist leader Oleh Tyahniboh called for a national strike, and members of his Svoboda (Freedom) party occupied Kiev's city hall along with followers of former economy minister Arseny Yatsenuk's Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) Party.

All three opposition leaders also occupied a trade union building, turning it into a temporary headquarters.

The events, evoking memories of the 2004-5 Orange Revolution that overturned the established political order, took place against the background of an apparent attempt by a protesters to storm the main presidential office.

Interior Ministry forces and riot police kept the protesters, who used an earth excavator in an attempt to break through police lines, at bay.

Police said 100 officers had been injured in violence during the day, news agencies reported.

'They stole the dream'

But opposition politicians, who had been urging protesters all day to remain peaceful, denounced the violence at the headquarters of President Viktor  Yanukovich's administration as a stage-managed "provocation" to justify a security clampdown.

They sent officials to appeal to supporters to return to the main protest on Independence Square.

Opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko, addressing the protesters, called on Yanukovich and his government to resign, saying they had "stolen" Ukraine's dream of European integration.

Consciousness, the Z Fire

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message to humanity
1st december 2013

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message to humanity 1st december 2013

Posted: December 1, 2013
Author: Karen Doonan
Category: Channeling

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL as the energy of both Mother Earth and her children now expand and deepen dramatically. For many of you who have taken human form the expansion will be a very physical one, with many different sensations being experienced on ALL levels of YOUr BEing. It is to be noted that the human vehicle must be anchored regularly in order to fully ALIGN with Mother Earth, her energy signature now expands in order to support ALL life that exists within the UNIVERSE OF 3 UPON her surface.

It is to be noted that the frequency required to achieve this is one of the LOVE THAT IS, a high expansive frequency and one that the human race has not experienced in full human form ever before. We guide for you to rest and to relax at this time of extremely high vibrations and understand that the balance that YOU naturally will begin to seek is WITHIN. It is found within the HEART space and we guide for ALL to understand the importance of remaining in balance within this sacred space. As the energies begin to expand and to heighten the human logical mind will have no reference point to the sensations that are experienced at a human conscious waking mind level. Not being centred through the heart space may result in chaos being experienced to increasingly rapid levels.

To those of YOU aware of your SOUL mission upon and within this planet you will be aware of the need to LIVE TRUTH and to reveal SELF to those around you, it serves no one least of all SELF to pretend to “fit in” with the old 3d earth paradigms for they will now dissolve FULLY. The chaos that seeks to trigger those who are termed “asleep” seeks to trigger regardless of frequency and we wish to guide on this further in order to clarify how this process unfolds.  ALL lower dimensional timeline frequencies will be triggered by the outpouring of the lower emotions from the general population. This may appear as one person who is angry suddenly annoying everyone around them, this born of the telepathy that now starts to unfold within the human vehicles of ALL upon and within planet earth. To be around others is to be aware of others and the filtering out of others emotions is now no longer an option.

This is a process that will start to flow across and within planet earth and rapidly increase for it is part of the NATURAL ability of all in human form. The need to be aware of feelings and who’s feelings you are experiencing will become vital over the next 24/48 hours in a human linear context. For those who are asleep are also ASCENDING, they may appear to be asleep but as those who are what is termed “awake” now rapidly advance in their energy signature and move fully into place in order to help birth the New Earth then the ripple will flow out across the planet. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you understand the need to be in full conscious awareness of your creation/ your reality/ your feelings from moment to moment?

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