Saturday, October 12, 2013

Updated: Dutchsinse: Purported White Dragon/OPPT Oaths....

Note to Dutchsinse: the OPPT has nothing to do with the White Dragon Society, Swissindo, or...yes he did say it....Aleister Crowley (REALLY Dutch... Crowley??? Really???) or any purported OPPT oaths.  Whomever is claiming to represent the OPPT is doing so fraudulently.   The OPPT has NEVER asked anyone to do ANY oaths.  Anyone who has sworn an oath to a fraud is not bound to it in any case.  Whether these contacts have money remains to be seen...but they are not the OPPT.  The OPPT is a reconciled trust that is no longer in operation.  It has been superseded by the I Value System.  

Sounds like Swissindo to me...given the UN reference but the OPPT has not done any deal with Swissindo or the WDS nor is likely ever to do so with any such organization that refuses operate in complete transparency and accountability.  Does secret oaths sound like transparency to you?

Late Update:
For more info on this and Ben Fulford's comments about the White Dragon Society see HERE.

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