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How Energy Exchange Really Works....

This is in Spanish, but you don't need to know Spanish to understand it and laugh with it.  Its actually very good video on how money works to transfer energy.  If anyone wants to volunteer to translate the words and give me the time marks I'll create subtitles for it....

Thirty-Three MILLION People. Egypt Rises WITH UPDATES. Morsi Has 48 Hours

MON JUL 01, 2013 AT 04:00 AM PDT
Thirty-Three MILLION People. Egypt Rises WITH UPDATES. Morsi Has 48 Hours

You think they're upset?
That's an unofficial number, of course.  But that's the unofficial number of people who are out protesting against the government of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood today.  Thirty-three million all over Egypt.  The largest protest in the history of the world.
This is what a pissed off country looks like:
My question is, Why hasn't anyone been covering this?  Why has there only been cursory coverage on the TeeVee?  Where are the diaries? Is this not important?  The Muslim Brotherhood may be on its way to being expelled from power.  Muhammad Morsi is rumored to be in hiding, and yet no one is talking about this?
As I've said, everything I've heard has been unofficial.  But it has come from the ground.  A friend living in Dallas met a refugee and they struck a friendship.  She has met more refugees, from Egypt, and from Syria, through Facebook and other social media.  Here is a picture of one of her friends marching with Mohammed ElBaredai:
Marching with ElBaredai
Anyway, there is a Facebook page with news, pictures, and video from the ground.
Also follow the following Twitter feeds: @CairoScene@TahrirBodyguard@Ghonim,@sandmonkey, and @USEmbassyCairo Follow the hashtag #June30

Removing the Shackles: Are you Ready? Tonight on The One People's radio show.....

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Are you Ready? Tonight on The One People's radio show.....
Are you ready for it!?

The recording of the 1 hour and 26 minute interview that I did today with Lisa, Bob and Heather will be played tonight on the One Peoples Radio show!!!  ........ regardless of the technical difficulties, lol.

I have spent the past 7 hours trying to upload the video of the interview (that I created my self with only one small bit of help (lol)) to youtube- only to have it fail after 3 hours when my computer ran out of juice because I didn't' notice that the power cord wasn't plugged into the wall properly (don't even go there), then the remaining 4 hours attempting to send the audio file to  several people via several different pieces of technology.... I am currently sitting in Heather's hallway, hardwired to her modem and we are about .......


I was about to type that we are about 95% done uploading in my final attempt to send it to BZ to get it onto You Tube, and then I glanced at the page and it's now saying:

"Sorry there was a problem with your file transfer.  Please try again"


Well I was just ranting to Heather about my horrific day so far and she just smiled and winked and said  "Everything happens exactly as it should for a reason"

... apparently the reason is that this video/audio is NOT to be heard before the show tonight.

Normally I'd be seriously pulling my hair out right now, but ... BUT... Lisa ALSO recorded the interview and is uploading it to the radio show right this very moment, SOOOOOoooooooo, tune into blog talk radio show tonight to hear the the WHOLE story, and the archives will be available after the show tonight- and to download.  Tomorrow we will get the You Tube video up so that it can be shared everywhere.

Heather is currently working on the final pieces of the Template for I UV INchange -we both have had serious technical issues today, including her laptop refusing to boot up!  It's all good though and we are pounding away to get this tipping point moment ready to go.... 90% sure we can get it done by the end of tonight..... another all nighter for us again.

The article I wrote this past Saturday "The Tidal Wave is Coming!" has gone viral across the internet, facebook, and many websites in multiple languages across the globe. Because of this, many many people have only just discovered the OPPT  UCC filings, and many of them have no previous exposure to the true corruption of the system, and the theft of their value.  During the interview with Heather, we went back and gave a brief synopsis of the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of the OPPT filings, and I UV INchange and What is happening today. Heather fully explains HOW the Value system works, did work and how it will work now.

This interview is not to be missed!

The Fat Lady's Song

Love is a force.  It is the power that created the universe.  Power and force are not in opposition;   all is One.  Only this reality holds the perception of separate.  As that perception is held, so is its matching vibratory rate.  Do you understand what this means?  As you view the world, the lens you use determines what the world looks like.  You’ve been told things that color your opinions and in turn formulate your life. 

If you believe love is something beyond your control, you will become passive when you feel it.  Love is the fuel of the creative force, the source of all life, the unifying field. It is anything but passive.

In contrast, fear is a reaction to a lie – the lie of loss.  You cannot lose what is eternal. Fear does not create or permanently change a thing.  Love does.

What is being played out right now is the end of the Illusion.  We are the directors and the actors – it will only end when we write and perform and believe it is truly over.  You are not waiting to hear the “fat lady sing”.  You are waiting to pick up your pen and write her song into the script.  Then you’ll sing it yourself.  You are the only one who can.

What does this look like?  It takes a world view of oneness to see clearly.  It takes courage to look at every being and know that they are another part of you.  It takes raw, fearless sight.  It takes constant consciousness. Armed with truth, your actions will be straight and unbiased.  Love and unity are not wimpy, mushy or apathetic.  They are the essence of your Godhood.

Know that all is One.  The One that we are has chosen balance now and you are a part of this current course correction.  All actions taken with full awareness will serve their intent.  It can be no other way. 

You are not a victim.  You are not a villain.  You are One – the creator of your world.  “What would Love do now?”  This is the only question of consciousness.  In each moment, with every being or all alone, allow the answer to this question determine your next move.  The answer reaches beyond the individual to the One.  Love’s action serves always the One. For love will cherish life above all else, and the evolution of our species demands balance.

Things have been skewed in the direction of self-destruction; therefore what looks to be drastic action is necessary for the good of the whole.  Full consciousness is not for the lazy or weak of heart.  Agape has an assertive and active agenda. 

It starts with you.  As self love permeates your being, anxiety and indecision diminish.  Love makes no demands.  Love carries no expectations.  Love flows from our core and is felt in the very same place.  It is a knowing.  It is a drive.  When ignored, it can feel like an irritation.  Love does not go away.  Love is not passive; listen.  It whispers.  It tells you what your heart would do.

We are ending some things, changing others and introducing the new.  We are becoming all possibilities. Any judgment based solely on sight or sound is inherently flawed.  For truth is found only in the heart.  Love serves itself every time.

Trust each other.  We all know what to do.  This moment could not happen without us.  We are the One; the waiting is just about over. We are here.

The Guardian: The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots

J Edgar Hoover (right, with President Richard Nixon)
 ran the FBI's illegal Cointelpro domestic political
surveillance scheme. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots
Those who tell us to trust the US's secret, privatised surveillance schemes should recall the criminality of J Edgar Hoover's FBI

Barrett Brown, Monday 1 July 2013 11.21 EDT

It's a fine thing to see mainstream American media outlets finally sparing some of their attention toward the cyber-industrial complex – that unprecedented conglomeration of state, military and corporate interests that together exercise growing power over the flow of information. It would be even more heartening if so many of the nation's most influential voices, from senator to pundits, were not clearly intent on killing off even this belated scrutiny into the invisible empire that so thoroughly scrutinizes us – at our own expense and to unknown ends.

Summing up the position of those who worry less over secret government powers than they do over the whistleblowers who reveal such things, we have New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who argues that we can trust small cadres of unaccountable spies with broad powers over our communications. We must all wish Friedman luck with this prediction. Other proclamations of his – including that Vladimir Putin would bring transparency and liberal democracy to Russia, and that the Chinese regime would not seek to limit its citizens' free access to the internet – have not aged especially well.

An unkind person might dismiss Friedman as the incompetent harbinger of a dying republic. Being polite, I will merely suggest that Friedman's faith in government is as misplaced as faith in the just and benevolent God that we know not to exist – Friedman having been the winner of several of the world's most-coveted Pulitzer Prizes.

If Friedman is, indeed, too quick to trust the powerful, it's a trait he shares with the just over half of Americans, who tell pollsters they're fine with the NSA programs that were until recently hidden from their view. Why, our countrymen wonder, ought we to be disturbed by our state's desire to know everything that everyone does? Given the possibility that this surveillance could perhaps prevent deaths in the form of terrorist attacks, most Americans are willing to forgo some abstract notion of privacy in favor of the more concrete benefits of security.

Besides, the government to which we're ceding these broad new powers is a democracy, overseen by real, live Americans. And it's hard to imagine American government officials abusing their powers – or at least, it would be, had such officials not already abused similar but more limited powers through repeated campaigns of disinformation, intimidation and airtight crimes directed at the American public over the last five decades. Cointelpro, Operation Mockingbird, Ultra and Chaos are among the now-acknowledged CIA, FBI and NSA programs by which those agencies managed to subvert American democracy with impunity. Supporters of mass surveillance conducted under the very same agencies have yet to address how such abuses can be insured against in the context of powers far greater than anything J Edgar Hoover could command.

The Trade In Passports to the Wealthy

If you had any doubt of the corporate nature of the world's countries, the trade in passports to the wealthy should be a clue....  I read a book in the late 1980s about getting extra passports and was surprised to learn that at that time foreigners could buy themselves a USA passport. I don't know if that is still true regarding the US but you can buy a US Work Visa. -AK

World's overlooked countries to buy second citizenship, residency
By Ramy Inocencio, for CNN
updated 4:01 AM EDT, Fri June 28, 2013

Hong Kong (CNN) -- Are you jaded with your home country, want to pay lower taxes, enjoy the freedom to travel and strive for a higher quality of life?

Well, if you have as little as $100,000 then you could buy citizenship to a tiny, tropical Caribbean nation that ticks all of those boxes. Bump an investment up to $5 million and your quality of life could rocket as you go Down Under; double that and Viennese coffee could start your morning routine -- with prized access through nearly all of Europe.

Aside from obvious countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, who have investor programs and pathways to citizenship, here's a list of countries you might have overlooked. They will welcome you -- if you show them the money.

EU Furious at NSA Spying

Edward Snowden (image by AK)

Europe demands answers about U.S. bugging claims
By Josh Levs and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
updated 10:34 AM EDT, Mon July 1, 2013

(CNN) -- The European Commission will sweep its offices for electronic listening devices and other security breaches following revelations of alleged U.S. surveillance programs targeting European leaders, a commission spokeswoman said Monday.

The allegations, reported Sunday by the German news magazine Der Spiegel, threaten to derail negotiations on a variety of issues with the United States, French President Francois Hollande said Monday. U.S. and EU officials are scheduled to begin talks on a proposed trans-Atlantic free trade agreement next month.

Hollande said any such surveillance must stop immediately before negotiations can go forward.
"We know that there are systems which have to control notably for the threat against terrorism, but I do not think that this is in our embassies or in the EU that this risks exist," he said.

Hollande's comments and the planned security sweep come amid building outrage in Europe over allegations that the National Security Agency had bugged EU offices in Washington and New York and conducted an "electronic eavesdropping operation" that tapped into an EU building in Brussels, Belgium.

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