Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Decision Tree

Lisa Harrison forwarded this poem, I don't know who the author is...

IRELAND - Claim: Top civil servant had 'inappropriate level of contact' with tycoons

Claim: top civil servant had 'inappropriate level of contact' with tycoons
Paddy McKillen complains to Michael Noonan of Secretary General's informality and familiarity in dealing with Barclays

John Moran,

THE most powerful civil servant in the Department of Finance is at the centre of controversy this weekend and under pressure to explain a series of emails in which he discussed with a key representative of the billionaire Barclay brothers their efforts to buy the loans of Irish property tycoon Paddy McKillen from the IBRC.

The Sunday Independent has seen copies of correspondence between the department's Secretary General, John Moran, and Richard Faber, a key representative of the Barclays, in which their efforts to acquire the debt of Mr McKillen from the bank are discussed.

Having only recently caused a national furore with his incendiary remarks that the number of home repossessions in Ireland was "unnaturally low", Mr Moran now faces serious allegations from Mr McKillen of engaging in an "inappropriate level of contact" and of exhibiting "inappropriate informality and familiarity" with the representative of the Barclays, the hugely wealthy owners of The Daily Telegraph with whom Mr McKillen remains locked in a titanic struggle for control of Coroin, the company behind the world-famous Claridge's, Connaught and Berkeley hotels.

Central to the Belfast-born businessman's charge against the Department of Finance chief is a chain of email correspondence between Mr Faber and Mr Moran and with his officials, in October 2011, at a time when the Barclays were attempting to buy Mr McKillen's loans from the IBRC.

GAIA PORTAL: Energetic “Rivers of Sustenance”

Energetic “Rivers of Sustenance”
by √ČirePort

Energies of sustenance are provided for all Gaia ground crew at this now moment. Multiple timeline effects, activated by departing dark-intenders, have brought in avenues for potential confusion. These are being dealt with at Higher Levels.

Awareness is key for Gaia ground crew, and confusion may be avoided by rising, in Mind, to what may be imaged as a "River of Sustenance". Each will understand an image which works for them.

Portal stillness is still experienced, and includes portals of transformation. We suggest resting and flowing with one's own concept of the energetic "Rivers of Sustenance".

√ČirePort | April 7, 2013 at 16:32

The Lizards Behind the Curtain

One of the most surprising twists for me was learning about the existence of the immortals and divines that operate on this planet.  Its not a subject much discussed either in light worker circles or among the conspiracy theorists.

There's some asians that live extraordinary long lives. They seem to be the one who have the gold deposits.  Hints of this have come from Fulford, Keenan, Drake, and Heather confirmed.  One patriarch is said to be 5000 years old, and the elite bankers call him "the old man". We call these "immortals" because for all practical purpose they are.

Then there's the group  of what Heather and Caleb call "the divines".  These are trans or inter-dimensional beings who the Rothschild's and other banking elites report to.  They pull the puppet strings on the bankers (who are just brokers) for control and energy transference on this planet.

There may be some overlap between the immortals and divines, I am not too clear on that yet.

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