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INDONESIA: The Pig & The Ghostwriter... The tale of a clairvoyant computer

The Pig & The Ghostwriter... The tale of a clairvoyant computer

By Raymond Weisling

This is a true story. It is about a funky Intel 386 computer that ran Windows 3.1 but had some other strange capabilities that appeared over a year or two. The setting is Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

It started, I guess around early 1994, when I formed a map production group, with four assistant graphics operators. I had a 386 DX computer left over from an earlier project, but it was not used much, primarily because I have always been a Macintosh user and Windows 3.1 was pretty awful. But we didn't have a lot of money for new Macintosh computers, so we decided to try the 386, which we nicknamed The Pig (actually using the Indonesian form "Si Babi"). The building that we used only had two circuits of 2200 watts each, but we were running quite a bit below that when everything was turned on. The Pig wasn't used every day, since there were manual tasks associated with the map work, such as tracing maps onto vellum paper for later scanning. But when all tracing was done, we had to call on The Pig to help out.

The problem was that The Pig often started up with a power demand or surge, and with the other computers already loading the sensitive magnetic circuit breaker, The Pig might trip the breaker and everyone on the Macintosh computers would lose their work. At first, this happened with surprising regularity, and each time we forgot to tell the others to save their work to disk first because The Pig was going to be turned on. After this happened too often, we all agreed to be more careful.

The protocol was established that everyone had to be told to save their work first, and after everyone nodded that their files were done saving (large files could take 20-30 seconds to write to disk); The Pig was ready to be turned on. We added the Muslim expression "In the name of God" (Bismillah), and pressed the button. It always worked; The Pig was merciful and didn't kill the power. This was very consistent. A few times, in haste, someone forgot the protocol, and The Pig would retaliate. It seemed if it was a chance to do damage, it would but with no chance, and in fear of God, it would be such a nice Pig.

DANIEL: Extra-Dimensional & Extra-Terrestrial Entities

Extra-Dimensional & Extra-Terrestrial Entities


Here's insider Daniel's latest paper on ETs and EDs.  If you have questions and Daniel have  setup a forum where he can answer your questions:  -AK


This is not going to be a paper on “who’s who” and “what’s that.” There is already plenty of information available on the various species of extra-dimensional and extraterrestrial entities. So rather than who or what they are, this paper focuses on why they are, a somewhat unexplored area that resulted from working with dimensional equations on Phoenix III. Namely:

1. The structure of extra-dimensional life, discussing the concepts of dimension and density that define our biological structure here on Earth, projecting forward into higher dimensions.

2. How to interact with extraterrestrials, given the vast differences between us, physically, psychologically, intellectually and emotionally, even if we are of the same density.

3. The next stage of mankind, ascension to extra-dimensional status—what is going to happen when we take our next evolutionary step.

The Yin-Yang of Time-Space

When studying the relationships of space and time in the context of motion, it becomes obvious that we are talking about the same concept that the ancient Chinese philosophers were referring to with their concept of yin-yang. From the realm of normal observation, space is point-based, linear (kick a ball, it rolls in a straight line) and yang. Time, being the conjugate of space, is plane-based, rotational and yin (clocks go in circles across its face).

When reading on metaphysics, the terms “density” and “dimension” are commonly used to refer to higher states of existence. For the most part, authors consider the terms interchangeable, for example 4th dimensional or 4th density both refer to the next stage “up” from mankind, currently sitting at the 3rd density/dimension. This is going to require some clarification, as dimensional structure is actually fixed, and it is what is active in those dimensions that creates the relative density, and as such, the quantum ontology.[1]

Dimension: A property of space; extension in a given direction.[2]

First word that jumps out is space. Now that we know about 3D time, we have to expand the definition of dimension to include the temporal dimensions. So let us generalize the relationship—space and timeare related as motion, so we are actually talking about dimensions of motion. [3]

And those dimensions have properties—properties of motion, not of just space or time. In space, we observe three dimensions: length, breadth and height. Whereas space is only an aspect of motion, motion itself must have three dimensions for this to occur and the other aspect, time, must also have three dimensions.

1 Ontology is the study of the nature of existence, so a quantum ontology is a schnazzy way to say “levels of existence.”

2 on “dimension.”

3 Larson, Dewey B., “The Dimensions of Motion,” Reciprocity XV, № 1 (Spring, 1986)

We hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.

We hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.

As channeled by Ron Head

November 18, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We see that today we have a curious mix of personal energies to discuss with you.  Many of you are experiencing what could only be called a lull or pause.  Others are wondering where all this negativity has come from suddenly.  Some few are still feeling as if they are running full speed uphill.  It is all the same circumstance with varying symptoms, my friends.  Would you like a metaphor that would explain how all of that could possibly be similar?

You are at a stage right now that is like that of a person who is packed and ready to go on a long journey.  What invariably happens at that point?  You might drop into your favorite chair and say, “Whew!  That is done.”  That would be the pause.  Perhaps you started a tiny bit late.  You would be running around and grabbing things to take at the last minute.  Or perhaps you would be done packing and would walk around checking each room for things you had forgotten and looking also to see what, perhaps, you could leave out of that heavy bag.  That is exactly what you are doing energetically at his time.  Rather than spend time worrying about what is going on then, enjoy your pause, lighten your load, or take stock of yourselves.

One other subject we would speak of today.  There is growing a movement now for coming together on your twenty-second of the month to combine energies in meditation.  The effects of these happenings have become magnificent jumps in the amount of love and light upon your beautiful planet.  We would urge all of you who have the opportunity on that day to seek out and join in a group meditation.  In the country of our channel, it will be a holiday.  What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Then take a deep breath and prepare yourselves for the approaching twelve-twelve gateway.

We send each of you our unconditional love at this time, and hold you in our hearts with appreciation for your strength and determination.  We wish you a joyous holiday season as you pass the ending of this world of duality and begin to build the beautiful shining world of unity you have desired for so long.

May your hearts know the peace of a job finished well.  Good day, sisters and brothers.  We will speak again.

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