Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Wins!

I didn't think Obama could pull it off but he did it! I did vote for him.  Until yesterday I was going to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate. I am a registered Libertarian  But I couldn't stomach the thought of Romney winning, especially after the article I read by Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today.   

Well I guess I can post all those channelings about Obama winning now! I wouldn't have put money on a bet who would win this election, I was sure it was closer than it turned out.  But then San Diego County is very Republican, unlike the rest of California, so perhaps my sense of things was skewed by local politics.  -AK

NBC News' Brian William's hysterical comment about Billionaire Donald Trump's
Tweet for Revolution:

London: Anonymous Vendetta March, Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th

I didn't check my Yahoo account yesterday, I was too busy with other things.  So I missed the live stream of this event. I didn't know I had fans inside Anonymous. -AK

This is a live feed stream for the Anonymous vendetta march.Guy FAWKES nov 5 th. This guy supports you please show your viewers his work . Its a live feed a bit choppy no website adverts or any nonsense just real time view of what's happening .let your readers know the UK is doing its bit just like yourself.


GAIA PORTAL: Portals of Awakening now fully opened

Portals of Awakening now fully opened
by √ČirePort

Gaia planetary brightness has increased to highest levels since inception of Ascension timeline. Portals of Awakening now fully opened. Shadow worshippers may resist, but resistance is not possible at this time. Planet-wide presence of Portals of Awakening assures planetary awakening.

Freedom of Movement occurs as awakenings unfold.

Sands of time dissolve. Wings of flight unfold for New Paradigm flight.

Pegasus wings expand and release Hue-manity from all restriction.


November 6, 2012 at 20:14 | URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-55

DUTCHSINSE: Hurricane Sandy Weather Modification Proof

UFO Flies Into Volcano

UFO (ET plasma device?) flies into Mexican volcano.

DANIEL: Time and Timelines

Photo by Ulric Collette http://goo.gl/A2sH4
Note: Two terms appear in this document that will be unfamiliar to most who visit this blog. These terms are LM and SM. The footnotes explain briefly who they are, but for simplicity you can think of LM = Service to Other beings, SM = Service to Self Beings. Daniel will be providing an followup paper on ETs/EDs. 

I asked GW Hardin to examine the science in this article and he thinks its sound, he was astounded by what was revealed about time space and the reciprocal system. There are also many details missing from the Al Bielek account. One minor difference with the Al Bielek account is Daniel mentioned that they used an IBM mainframe to simulate the starship drive inputs to the device. Al Bielek said it was a Cray Computer. Through my contact I asked about the computer and Daniel said the IBM mainframe was used because its ability to handle interrupts, where a Cray is primarily designed to crunch numbers. The simulated navigation inputs were not number intensive but they were interrupt intensive, something that I know personally IBM mainframes are good at doing. I do not know why Al Bielek said it was a Cray, his reference could be from a different time period.

GW Hardin will also be writing a follow up paper on some of the physics Daniel is not aware of in this technology.  -AK

Time and Timelines


The Nature of Time

One of the least understood concepts known to man is that of time. A great deal of headway regarding the nature of time was made by engineer Dewey B. Larson, published in his 1959 book, The Structure of the Physical Universe.1 Larson asserts that both space and time are simply the aspects of a reciprocal ratio that he refers to as motion,2 have no other meaning, and cannot exist independently outside of this relation. He often drew an analogy to a box, with the outside being space, the inside being time, and the box being motion. If you have an inside and outside, then you have a box. If you have a box, then you have an inside and an outside. If you have an outside then you have an inside; an inside then an outside. So it is with space (outside), time (inside) and motion (box). The three concepts are always connected and cannot operate independently. Larson's theory eventually became known as the Reciprocal System of physical theory.

In the reevaluation of the Reciprocal System, RS 2,3 it is pointed out that the concept of space-time is analogous to the Eastern concepts of yin-yang, where space is the yang aspect, and time the yin. As discussed in taijitu symbolism, yin-yang cannot be separated, just as Larson's ratio of space to time cannot be separated.

Larson then took it one step further, observing that all the characteristics of space must also have a similar character in time. In space, we see a 3-dimensional, coordinate spatial grid with clock time. There, from the reciprocal perspective, there must also exist a realm that contains 3-dimensional, coordinate time with clock space. He refers to the former as the “material sector” and the latter as the “cosmic sector,” identified in conventional physics as the universe of antimatter.4

The material sector is our common reference frame, that contains the observable and measurable structures of the universe. The cosmic sector, however, remains unobservable and unmeasurable to our physical senses, though we can see its effects on how time changes space, those effects being called force fields (electric and magnetic fields). We cannot see a magnetic line of force until it interacts with a material object such as iron filings, and alters their behavior in space.

So what we have in the Reciprocal System model of the universe is two different sectors of existence, the 3D spatial, material sector of our common experience, and a 3D temporal, cosmic sector that we cannot directly perceive, but is still there, influencing space.

SaLuSa's Room

OMG!! Photo of SaLuSa’s Room! – Laura
Posted on November 4, 2012 by Laura

OMG !! OMG!! OMG!! I just found this picture on Gabriel Raio Lunar, who also channels SaLuSa! this is an almost perfect copy of SaLuSa’s room!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!! WOWOW!!!!

Scene from the video game Dust 514

Oh, about SaLuSa’s private quarters should I say he has his own private observation lounge. He also has access to the bridge, but he likes his privacy  He can zoom in with the screens as close as is needed. When it is needed. I was also shown in his quarters, parts of my past lives, and of the akashic records. Those devices are just amazing!

When I started channeling SaLuSa, last year, the closest picture I could find to his room was this one:


Laura Note: We’ve had some people believe this is a real photo, so please note it’s computer graphics from the video game Eve.
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