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Israel and Iran hold 'positive' nuclear talks in Brussels

Israel and Iran hold 'positive' nuclear talks in Brussels

Brussels conference could help pave way for full international conference on banning weapons of mass destruction in Middle East

Julian Borger, diplomatic editor, Monday 5 November 2012 12.48 EST

The Iranian ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, centre, is among those taking part in the talks. Photograph: AFP/Getty
Israeli and Iranian officials are taking part in a on nuclear proliferation meeting in Brussels on Monday, in the hope of paving the way for a full international conference in the next few months on banning nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East.

A handful of officials from both Israel and Iran are involved in the two-day event, ostensibly in their capacity as private citizens, in what was billed as an academic seminar.

But the delegations are led by senior officials and have the permission of their respective governments to take part in an informal discussion with representatives from about 10 Arab states, US officials and European moderators to explore the possibility of holding a UN-sponsored conference on establishing a WMD-free zone in the Middle East.

DANIEL: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders,
Time Lines and Ascension

I was forwarded this amazing document. It ties together many mysteries in our modern world and confirms ascension of the planet.  They knew! And they didn't plan on telling the rest of us!  -AK

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension



I was listening to exopolitics expert Alfred Lambremont on a radio show 1, discussing the “negative 
timeline” as being some kind of “synthetic quantum environment” orchestrated by the Grey ETs,
stating that this negative timeline was all “made up.” Having worked as a technician on the Phoenix 
III project (more commonly known as the time travel aspect of the Montauk Project), I have 
first-hand knowledge of what was going on and what they were trying to do—and it appears they are 
using some of the knowledge gleamed from those experiments in geoengineering application. In the 20 
years that have passed since those experiments, I have learned much and decided to take a look at 
it in the context of the new knowledge provided by Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System of physical 

Phoenix III was a covert attempt to determine the nature of time, if it could be manipulated, and 
if so, the process to do it. Without going into details, 3 the short answer is that those involved 
never came to an understanding of time, other than it was not what conventional physics thought it was, but were  able to make use of some of the technology obtained in order to perform temporal experiments into the “past” and “future.”

In order to access time, a navigation computer from a faster-than-light propulsion system was 
utilized to open a portal, from which a visual record could be made. In later experiments a way was 
found to send living organisms through this portal to other chronological periods, though this was 
highly dangerous and seldom worked as expected. Due to the nature of the equipment being used, only
persons with a highly developed psionic ability could operate the equipment (psychics that were 
skilled in precognition.)

One of the issues was that the time travel experiments ran into a “bump,” literally, crossing the
2012/2013 year boundary (conventional calendar) and at the time, it appeared to be some kind of 
artificial reality that was constructed by the psychic running the chair. The “experts” did not 
know what to make of it, but for the most part, thought it was a realistic view of the period being 
viewed because it was consistent with different psychics and everyone sent forward returned with 
very similar information. Looking at it now, it would seem to be more consistent with an “synthetic 
quantum environment,” such as the one described by Lambremont, than a natural one, which may 
explain why it was always frozen past a specific point. With what we know now, there is a good deal 
of truth to what Lambremont is was discussing on that radio show.

Research into the strange weather being seen around the world (including the effects thereof; red 
rain, abiotic stress of plants with “sudden death,” extreme levels of radiation and ultraviolet 
light to name but the few) may have turned up what is going on… and it ties in with the old Montauk 
project. This interpretation explains the chemtrails, HAARP, geoengineering, underground cities, genetic

1.   Global Voice Radio episode, “Are You on the Catastrophic or Positive Timeline?”, August 13, 

2.    Reciprocal System of theory website (, was first published in the 1959 
book, The Structure of the Physical Universe. The Reciprocal System is a theory of everything, 
based on two, simple postulates that produce the observed universe as a natural consequence. It has 
a number of notable successes, including predicting the existence of quasars some four years before 
they were actually discovered.

3.   Details are covered in the paper, Times and Timelines.
Page 1

"The Bank of Japan has also been taken over and will soon convert most Japanese government bonds into yen cash."

This week’s Geopolitical News and Analysis will appear on November 7th, after US election results are out.

We have heard the US military will be using hurricane Sandy as a reason to postpone the election. Pentagon sources are also saying another storm is on its way with the aim of continuing to disrupt activity in Washington D.C. and New York.

The Bank of Japan has also been taken over and will soon convert most Japanese government bonds into yen cash.
Please expect a detailed report on November 7th. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

[PDF TEXT BELOW (looks like quantitative easing to me). I'd be surprised if the election was delayed, people would interpret that action badly. -AK]


Known HAARP Locations Worldwide


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