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Updated 7/17/12: Mer People?

Aquatic Humanoid in Russian Lakes?

Mer people?  I'm not saying this is true, but its sure an interesting story!

UPDATE 7/17/12 Animal Planet - Mermaid Found Wasthington State 

UPDATE 7/12/12  Really? Mermaids don't exist, NOAA website notes

UPDATE 7/17/12
This is pretty strange, all the sites below have a banner that says "This website has been seized by Homeland Security".  If anyone knows anything about this let me know.  This is really strange.

My contact CW sent this comment today to me:
Found this. Thought you might find it to be interesting. On the heels of your mer people post. This is actually really weird.
First, there is the website of the NOAA scientist, Dr. Paul Robertson.  and the website “The real Evidence on Mermaids, From Dr. Paul Robertson,NOAA. and the website “Mermaids are Real, Real Evidence From Dr. Paul Robertson, NOAA”

What is really strange is that I checked other SEIZED sites and the same logo applies. This wasnt a PR stunt.

LOL this world is WEIRD.
Here's the Homeland Security Seizure notice on

Pretty odd don't you think for something that isn't supposed to exist?

Food Labeling

Fracking Explained

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Insight and Inspiration Enter as Insinuations are Released…

13 July 2012

Incoming Galactic Core transmissions reach Sol core then Gaia core with supreme intensity. Light Harmonizing Beings are empowered at this moment. Insinuations and accusations about Light Harmonizing Beings do not affect them. As they now rise quickly, like the cream, to the top.

Those with the closed “insinuationist” minds are dropped from all Gaia ascension activity, entering safe-houses, into safe-closets. These will be dealt with after Ascension, when they are de-closeted. They know not of these events, but those with Higher In-Sight do. Clearly.

High Insight and High Inspiration for next steps comes quickly for those that have released all low mindsets. Intuitive Telepathic Communication is Key to moving forward, upward.

Galactic Planet Craft now approach Gaia to proceed with final steps.

The Plan Expanded

Friday, July 13, 2012

The original plan for the liberation of this planet has been expanded. There will be less talk and more action:

1. Less intel will be declassified and given to the general population. The reason for this is that the awakened part of the general population has underperformed regarding what it did with the intel received. It is not strategically wise to release intel that even the awakened population laughs at and at the same time the Cabal uses it to the disadvantage of the Light.
You will still receive intel and updates, but certain things will be withheld until the appropriate time.
2. The Matrix is beginning to crack in the mass media. The cracks will expand and widen.
The mass arrests scenario is beginning to leak into the mainstream. This article tends to be a little bit too violent for my taste, but it manages to get across the message that certain people need to be stopped in their actions:
And you might want to sign this petition:
Almost half a million people signed it in three days. It has a potential to reach the critical mass and trigger some real changes. Make it viral! I have received reports that the petition page is blocked by Internet Explorer. If you can not reach it, try with Firefox or some other browser instead.
Mainstream media are starting to report about disclosure also. You  can read this:
And this:
3. At a specific point before the Event, certain actions will be taken that will bring undeniable proof to the awakened population that the Plan is real and that there are indeed Light forces working towards the planetary liberation.
4. Greed and lust for power inside the Light forces on the surface of this planet (Positive Military, White Dragon Society…) is understandable and tolerable as an intrinsic part of the human nature, to a certain point. But when it begins to hinder operations, create delays, or when certain suffering could be prevented inside the general population and it is not, people responsible for this will be held accountable. The Resistance Movement is monitoring all operations of the surface positive groups and knows exactly what everybody is doing.
5. The Resistance Movement will give positive groups on the surface of the planet  a certain limited period of time to carry out the actual liberation themselves. If they fail to do so, direct action will be taken by the Resistance independently from any positive groups or the general population. This is the second part of Operation Omega Phoenix. Very few details will be given out before the actual operation itself. If Operation Omega Phoenix 2 will be needed, it will be less user-friendly to the general population because a little more severe disruptions in the distribution chain are possible. The Green Light (advance notice to the general population) for Operation Omega Phoenix 2 may or may not be issued.
6. The “containment”, as many channels describe it, is not possible. There will be actual physical arrests of the Cabal taking place. The positive ET forces will only assist from the distance with their light healing and balancing technologies to ensure they will happen with as little violence as possible.

Posted by Cobra at 1:55 PM

I Am a Light Worker ~ Part 7 ~
Listen, Consider, Observe, Act
I am a light worker ~ Part 7 ~ Listen, Consider, Observe, Act
Posted by Sophia Love

Listen for the answer.  Look for the idea.  Pay attention.  All around you, your answers lie.  There is no mystery without its solution, no problem unsolvable.  You are here to experience life and that is just what you are doing.  Every moment you are faced with this question of emergence.  The answer is given in your response – will you react and retreat in fear? – will you respond and act with love?  Always the choice is yours to make.

Most of us have retreated internally, hidden in worry and preoccupation while life swirls around us with exit doors wide open.  Today I hear the gulls cry, calling me to places far from this suburban deck.  I see the boats and buoys; hear the waves slap against the hull.  I grew up on the water.  Our memories are associative and although today’s gulls cry above a little nearby lake, for me they call from the ocean.  

We learn gradually, repetition eventually becomes truth.  Awake now, we can consciously choose what it is we wish to repeat.  New information is streaming forth in a flood, along with a new vocabulary (LIBOR).  

We are light workers.  It is up to us to bring light to the new without judgment.  Refrain from dismissing what is initially uncomfortable.  Look at everything.  This change will bring the unexpected.

There is a joke that goes something like this.  A man near death prayed for a miracle.  His faith kicked in and he expected to be saved.  While he was waiting, he turned away procedures, medicine and doctors, claiming they weren’t necessary because God was going to heal him.  He died.  When he got up to Heaven and finally spoke to God, he asked what happened.  God said “I sent you the finest medical procedures, medicines and doctors and you refused every one of them! What were you thinking?”

Our answers don’t always come in the neat little packages we’ve imagined.  This shift will be understood and experienced seamlessly, gradually and perfectly.  Each of the current players and dramas are getting us used to a new way of thinking.  They are steps on the path to awakening.  You may not like the route they offer.  That’s okay, some will.  As you notice each stepping stone you are building memories with which to associate.  You are learning. You will need them in order to process this shift successfully.  

It’s our polarized way of looking at things that creates judgment.  You are a light worker, here to shine your light on it all.  Listen, consider, observe and continue to shine.  You work for the light. 

You recognize the spark within each facet of life.  Your heart beats with constant love. Listen.  The answer for you is right here.  It may sound strange and feel a bit unsettling, but trust what calls you.  We have come as One to complete these “end times”.  When we act with love, rather than react with fear, we do so beautifully and powerfully.  

There are none who will do this for us.  It is up to us.  Pay attention.  Use your wisdom and brilliance to illuminate the path.  As it shines for all to see, we will emerge as One Force; Divine Love.  This is what you’ve come to do.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Editorial in Oil Industry Trade Magazine Focuses on LENR Threat

Note: LENR = Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (aka Cold Fusion)

Editorial in Oil Industry Trade Magazine Focuses on LENR Threat

July 7, 2012
Many thanks to reader Steve Jacobs who sent this comment today ( I just got home and approved it — all comments from first time posters are moderated)

“I am from the petroleum industry and LENR is now being watched closely. An article was just published in the July Journal of Petroleum Technology. I authored it. LENR is definitely on the radar.”

I was able to find an online version of the article which is a guest editorial in the JPT entitled “On the Precipice of a New Energy Source” co-authored by Steve Jacobs, COO of Decision Strategies, Patrick Leach, CEO of Decision Strategies, and David J. Nagel, CEO of NUCAT Energy.

Decision Strategies is a Houston, Texas based consulting firm that advises the petroleum, chemicals, and oilfield services industries. NUCAT Energy provides educational and consulting service in the field of LENR.

I thought the introduction was very thought provoking and appropriate. It starts out:
In the late 1850s, the whaling industry was in a veritable boom in the town of Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Business was great and many in the whaling industry believed that increased demand would continue for decades to come. But in 1859 oil was discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake. The rest is history.
That was 150 years ago. A small but increasing number of people around the world believe we are on a similar course, except that this time it is the petroleum industry that might be threatened.
The article then goes on to provide an overview of the history and current state of LENR, and discuss its very disruptive nature should it emerge as a useful source of energy.

The authors do not predict that LENR will definitely replace petroleum’s place as a primary energy source, but are willing to countenance that it is a real possibility. They emphasize that the petroleum industry needs to be prepared to deal with the possible disruptions that could come if LENR pans out to be a viable alternative energy source. They state:
If proven to work, what impact would LENR have on the petroleum industry? It is difficult to say for certain, but it would undoubtedly be significant. The vast preponderance of oil is used for transportation and heating which would now be competing with LENR. While there would still be need for petroleum chemicals and other applications, collectively these end uses represent less than about 20% of each barrel. Natural gas would not fare much better; its main applications are heating and electricity. If LENR works the impact on the petroleum industry, power generation and coal industry would be enormous.
It’s quite a significant thing in my opinion, for an article like this to be published in a respected publication in the petroleum industry. The Journal of Petroleum Technology is the official magazine of Society of Petroleum Engineers. I would not be surprised if this starts a conversation among professionals in the oil industies, and leads to more attention being paid to the emerging LENR story.

To read the article you will need to go to this link, choose ‘Contents’ from the menu at the top. The article begins on page 18.

Well This is A New One!


I don't know if this is someone pretending to be the Jewish Defense League, or the real thing. There's lots of agents provacateur these days working the blogsphere. An attempt to provoke me into anger? This is laughable! Especially since my grandmother's last name was Golden, making me 1/4 Jewish.  The rest of me is Scottish, Welsh and English.

I've always deleted anti-semitic comments that come into my blog. And I've roundly attacked Nazi hatred and bigotry.   

I've never posted hatred towards Jews nor do I have any hatred towards them.  It'd be like hating my own grandmother.

The threat I received is below.

PS: For obvious reasons I have turned comments off on this post.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Jewish Defense League
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 7:57 AM
Subject: Jewish Defense League

We have noted the anti-semitic comments that you habitually post on various newspaper websites. It is your prerogative to hate Jews, but that does not mean that you have the right to demonise us on public forums. In the middle of the last century, Jews had no means of defending themselves against the hatred that they were subjected to, but that was a long time ago. In the 21st Century, we have the right and the means to defend ourselves when we are attacked, and we always do so with extreme resourcefulness and prejudice.

There are three things that you must remember: The saying that we live by is Never Again; our hatred of anti-semites like you is even stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

The Jewish Defense League

A Simple Explanation of Securitization

This was originally written in terms of South African Rand, I've changed Rand into Dollars, and various British spellings for sake of clarity to American readers. I apologize for the lack of attribution, I do not know who the original author is. -AK

A Simple Explanation of Securitization

It is the simple basic task of taking a whole pile of simple single things, joining them all together and calling the collective of them all a new thing, and then selling that thing.

In the banking sector its the taking of a bunch of loans, bundling them together, calling a group of 10 loans a 'structured investment vehicle', and then selling the 'structured investment vehicle' to someone else.

In the Stock Exchange it just taking a group of separate stocks, bundling them together, calling them a unit trust, and selling a unit trust.

In the insurance industry its just taking a bunch of insurance policies, grouping them all together, calling them a re-insurance group, and selling the re-insurance group.

The underlying common principle behind every one of these acts is that the new thing that is formed is not an actual physical thing, and therefore somebody is not paying for an actual physical thing and that is where the whole monetary system collapses.

Its the whole 'widgets in your hand' story.

If you have a factory making widgets and it makes 10 widgets and sells them for $1 each, then the factory has received $10 rand and somebody else has 10 widgets. If that someone else then bunches them together into a 'box of widgets' and sells "A box of widgets" to someone else for $15, then someone else has paid $15 for 10 widgets THAT ARE ONLY WORTH $10.

If that someone else ever tries to sell one of those widgets he has to ask $1.50 for it just to break even, but no-one will ever pay him $1.50 for it because they can buy it from the widget factory for $1.00 already, so at some stage someone will always end up sitting with something that he has paid too much money for that he cannot sell to anyone. And if that someone is a bank, who said to 10 customers give me $1.50 each so that we can buy this 'box of 10 widgets' for$R15, and therefore the bank didn't use their own money, then the bank just turns round to those 10 guys and just says "sorry I've lost your money its not my problem its you who lose out, I'm alright jack because I just get paid a salary for going shopping for "boxes of widgets."  And those 10 customers who gave the bank their money are left sitting with a widget each that they have paid $1.50 for that anyone else can buy at the widget factory for only $1.00.

Humor: Bird and Fortune - "I lost other people's money...."

African Kabuki sent me this funny British spoof on Investment Bankers....

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