Sunday, May 27, 2012

William Black on JP Morgan and the Failure to Regulate Wall Street Fraud



This is an amazing movie from Brazil; subtitled in English. If you want to understand how the cabal subverts well meaning alphabet agencies, this movie is a great story in police and intelligence agency corruption and what a few good souls in those agencies endure to bring justice.  Its a rich tapestry of the corruption process and its pervasiveness. Even the crooked tactical police team "Skull" see their friends killed in the corruption and suffer as human beings. Its an excellent action movie and beautifully filmed! This movie is violent.

The film illustrates how political media personalities play into this, and how they feed the corruption process. The characters will remind you of familiar radio and TV celebrities. Tentacles of corruption go straight to the top. Politicians lash out with poorly laid police actions and brutalize the poorest of Rio. Egged on by an obese popular  media personality who is on the take from the cops who control the barrio. The cops are the mafia in this movie.  This is not unique to Brazil (the movie is fictional in any case), you'll see eerie similarities in ANY country you happen to call home that has any significant drug problem. The movie is available in the USA on cable and satellite TV pay per view.  

Its always the same game with the cabal, first polarize, then divide, then conquer and extract as much money and pain as possible to stay in power.  

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