Saturday, May 19, 2012

Buffy Sainte Marie - No No Keshagesh

Clowns in Masks of Ego

Why I am running into clowns everywhere I turn?  As a kid I was terrified of clowns!  I had nightmares about them!  My sisters used to take me to local carnivals and I'd scream whenever I saw them.  Climbing 50 foot trees didn't scare me, diving off the high dive scared me a little but nothing scared me like the garish non-human face of a traditional European style circus clown. I still don't care for the traditional circus clown.

When I was little I found the clown on the ice cream cone box a bit like Jason in his hockey mask.  Is it a shrunken head? Or a dead clown's head on a blue ribbon?  It has no body! All dead people in children's cartoons had the same kind of eyes. And what on earth does it have to do with eating ice cream? I think I was born with the ability to notice things.  I notice everything.  Stuff that is right there and everyone else ignores. 

I can't explain why clown faces affected me that way.  I'm not alone, many people don't like them.

Is this some past life reaction to some life in a tribal society with scary ritual masks? Some deeply embedded emotional memory in my subconscious from past lives I've had?   Was this just a kids reaction to the unknown and the unfamilar?  I honestly don't know but many kids from my generation dislike clowns.

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