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BIX Weir: The JP Morgan Derivatives Book is Blowing Up

Max Keiser said a while back that if you want to take down JP Morgan, buy silver and demand physical delivery of the metal. Let them eat their naked short positions!


These Changes Build Upon Each Other

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 18, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages
by Oracles and Healers

Our topic today will be your true selves.  You have allowed yourselves to forget who you truly are.  This is not a judgment of that, dear hearts.  It was necessary to do that if you were to truly experience this dimension.  To be here as your true selves for all these millennia would have resulted in quite a different collective experience, not different in most ways from the dimensions you came from.  But now it is time to return, to remember.

Many of you are encountering heightened resistance from those around you who have not yet awakened.  You are feeling a strength in yourselves which you did not realize you possessed.  This strength originates in your knowing, dear ones.  You have progressed from believing in unseen things to the self-knowledge that we have urged you to find.  You are beyond returning to that forgetfulness once again.

These things are steps which you laid out for yourselves before you came here.  They are things which you acquired, and demonstrated the strength for, through long and sometimes not happy times.  They are the reason you are here now and many, many others are not.  Appreciate yourselves for that, as we do.

Your make-up is being changed rapidly now and these changes build upon each other.  As they increase, you are becoming able to safely house more and more of your higher energies.  Many of you have looked deeply within yourselves and invited your highest and best selves to be here in and with you.  They are not different selves, but the larger part of you that did not leave its higher dimensional home and the housing of which could not have occurred in your lower vibrational bodies.  We give you three words now to help you in your journey through this immensely important change, invitation, acceptance, and gratitude.

Your contracts, and we stress they are with yourselves, are being honored now.  The changes you contracted for are now, and will be, occurring.  If you are still harboring some conscious or subconscious resistance, you may be experiencing some rather uncomfortable things which you have termed ascension symptoms.  Root out those resistances and release them whenever you can.  But the intention to release them and to accept with gratitude will allow you to go through this transition with greater ease.  There are likely to be some of those symptoms in your experience, but they need not be painful.  Notice them, accept them, and allow them to pass.  If there are moments of dizziness, for instance, just remain still for a moment.  Be more careful in your movement for a bit.  It will pass.  If your head aches, try to allow it to pass without dwelling upon it.  There may be others, but listing them for you would have no value.

Place your attention upon the new selves you are becoming and allow.  A great deal of this is happening as you sleep.  If there is something you need to address in your waking state, it is being brought to your attention, perhaps even by your dreams.  You need not worry about it at all.  That is the purpose of those of us on this side of the rapidly thinning veil.

What we are describing for you today is the reason some are saying this transition should perhaps be called descension and not ascension.  It is actually the process of your return to awareness of your true selves.  Be in joy, my friends.  Knowledge of your true selves brings all you have been promised.

That is all until tomorrow.  Go in peace and love.  Good day.

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Possible Volcanic Event Off
Pacific Northwest Coast
in Coming Days

Reposted from:

Kauilapele has a pretty good sense about him, so I am re-posting this on American Kabuki.  We shall see how good Tolec's information really is. I don't know Tolec, but the site seems legitimate and I do read it often.  Tolec has been quoted and interviewed on the Examiner many times. Never hurts to get a heads up on an event like this.  My house is about 200 feet above sea level and I am long ways from Pacific Northwest, still we could see some wave action here - if there's anything to this. There's been a lot of fear-porn circulating lately but I don't think this is. In any case better safe than sorry I didn't post it. There's been a lot seismic activity off the coast of Oregon for a number of months. And one the Oregon bays has a long geological history of tsunamis (I can't off-hand remember which one it is). I have a lot of Oregon readers. Stay safe! -AK

Tolec has informed me that a notice was put up on this page (FAQs) of the Andromeda Council website. This concerns the message he received regarding the timing of the “Cosmic Event” referred to in an April radio show with Tim Bravo. The “third party affirmation” comes from this page of the Cosmic Paradigm website (Mark Kimmel’s website).

Why am I posting this? I feel that there is something significant about this “Cosmic Event” that aligns with the solar eclipse event of May 20th. And I felt very strongly that our collective intentions being held on the day, in that window, will be amplified and intensified by all of these things. I have seen a great Light entering or/and passing through the planet on that day (during that window).

“Athabantian” is one of many Andromedan biospheres. It is the location of 5th dimensional Andromedan people with whom Mark Kimmel has been in contact since the early 1990′s.

Although the precise movement of plates and things may not be exactly predictable (this is Gaia’s choice), Tolec has described this “Cosmic Event” as something which includes “popping” of an undersea volcano, a subsequent earthquake, and a mass movement of magma under the Earth’s crust. [As to my own "sense" of it all, I get that there will be little, if any, "major damage" areas after this occurs. Perhaps a tad of minor damage areas, here and there. That's what my "Input" says.]

I include the text from both articles in this post.

[Note: Tolec also has a new "glossary of terms" page, for those interested in explanations of terms he has mentioned in his radio shows and on his website.]

Select Postings from Ben Fulford's Free Blog

Ben Fulford as Daruma

Select Postings from Ben Fulford's Free Blog:

May 14, 2012

From a reader: (translated from Japanese)

 In the November 2002 issue "Business Community Outlook" monthly magazine ran an article [that] can not be overlooked . The article is the "Whole Picture of Japan: CIA tool to manipulate power business policy in Japan." By the way, (U.S. Central Intelligence Bureau) are also rumors flying column of (American Petroleum capital) Rockefeller CIA.

Because the Rockefeller Foundation's contributed a large donation of the CIA. According to this article, research reports of the energy situation in Japan of CIA (February 2000) is similar to the following recommendations have been made is likely. In order to prevent the mosquito {?}anti-American over the future, in the energy sector over a long period of time, needs to be containment, as if put handcuffs on Japan and, without over mighty than this national power of Japan "Japanese nuclear power. some are already accounted for more than 30% of the power. So, put the power of the Tokyo Electric Power Company in Soi nuclear technology to dominate the Japanese is effective.

TEPCO is Japan's largest asset company , also. which is leading companies to lead the business community, the business community, to prevent mosquito (?)nuclear armament thicker trust from the public. in Japan, significant technological development of nuclear power by without discredit of TEPCO, to decline . there is a need to delay to "

Ben Fulford: 

Threat of being attacked by five kiloton atomic bomb in Japan crossword puzzle was written by David Beckham at 2 minutes and 55 seconds of this video is Rothschild wrote. Sent to me as this link is threatened British MI6 staff. Japanese authorities should examine a particular can be detailed in this huge source of threat.

The following link is to a Rothschild Olympic video, at 2 minutes 55 seconds you will see an image of a crossword written by David Beckham. It contains a threat to attack Japan with a 5 kiloton nuclear weapon. This link was sent to me by MI6 as a threat. This video provides a clear forensic trail for international investigators to follow.

Stephen Cook Interviews Cobra Part 1 of 2

May 17, 2012

Posted by Stephen Cook
The 2012 Scenario Interview: Cobra – Part 1 of 2

While we often know the name, face, gender and other more personal details about many of those we post here and who you regularly enjoy reading – or at least who their earthly channel is – one of this year’s newest and intriguing “informants” remains a total enigma.

Since launching the blog Portal 2012 – which is subtitled The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012 – on March 31 this year, the person who identifies themselves only as Cobra has made quite an impact.

Mostly, this has been because of Portal 2012’s intriguing content mix – which incorporates an unusual blend of informational postings for readers like you and I, as well secret codes, under titles such as Pandora and Phoenix, which Cobra maintains are designed for those who work with an organisation called the Resistant Movement, led by a man he only refers to as “Michael”.

But it has also been because, if you are like me, we’re hungry for information that will take us to, help us understand, or give us some timing for the next exciting phase of this incredible year we now find ourselves in.

Yet, apart from Cobra’s own blog postings What is Cobra? and Who Is Cobra? from the Portal 2012 blog post from April 8, 2012 and one titled Resistant Movement from April 6, 2012, which gives an explanation of the Resistance Movement Cobra is associated with as their messenger (both of which, I have linked at the end of this article so you can read if you have not already done so), nothing else is publicly known or available. That I know of.

For me personally, my curiosity – and quite possibly also my suspicion – is always aroused by anyone who wishes to remain completely anonymous. Sometimes it is for very good reason: I understand that if you are carrying out undercover work you need to remain undercover. But having worked in journalism, marketing and PR all my working life, I am also acutely aware that creating an air of complete mystery around someone or something can also be a wonderful method of attracting further interest.

That said, I decided I still wanted to try and find out more about who Cobra is, what his or her motivation is and where he or she gets his or her information from. Especially in light of recent postings Cobra made on the Archons, which included information – or personal musings – which differed somewhat from a wealth of previously available information and terminology.

So, over the past week or so I have been in email-only contact with Cobra trying to find out more. We agreed that I could pose a series of introductory questions that would be answered, where possible, by Cobra. They were.

I have not edited any of Cobra’s responses. I have simply re-organised my questions and Cobra’s answers into a more cohesive flow, as our communications eventually took place by email over several different days.

Today Cobra reveals:
• He or she has assisted in negotiating the surrender of some top members of the cabal.
• His or her identity must be protected at this time due to having been threatened, physically attacked and interrogated and because people dear to Cobra have been severely tortured physically.
• Blogposts on Portal 2012 are the result of “direct (not channelled) intel from the Pleiadians, direct intel from the Resistance and from information agents” inside what he calls the “occult economy” and “alphabet agencies”.

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