Monday, July 30, 2012

SaLuSa: "Divine Instructions Have Been Given That Action Shall Be Taken Without Delay To Announce Our Presence"

Oh how I hate specific dates!.....please remember to not view this as a prediction or prophecy but rather as the intent of the GFL... I've worked on a number of large software projects in my life that contained mind boggling complexities and problems to work out with partner airlines and rental car companies around the globe, working in different languages in cultures.  Project time lines can and do slip on any project, for there are always complications in our 3D reality.  First contact with the GFL would have to be, in my view, one of the most complex projects ever undertaken on this planet. 

While this news should bring great joy and hope, please do not view this in terms of religious belief or faith.  Faith in this is not required, view it as an announcement.  Your faith and belief should be centered in knowing that YOU are from the Creator Source and that your highest good will always be looked after, no matter what changes, if any, happen. Your connection with the divine is the only that thing that can NEVER change.  Find your security and root in that.  Nothing can separate you from the Love of God.

I posted another posting from Micah, which I have held in draft mode on blogger, as I didn't have secondary confirmation on the news it contained.  I have decided to release that posting as well, given that it coincides with SaLuSa's post today. I cleaned up the upper case message and spelling errors in the Micah post, it appears Micha is not a native English speaker. I do not know the track record of Micha "The Guardian".  SaLuSa has a good and well known record. SaLuSa is rarely specific on details like this message is and it seems to be confirmation of the Micah posting.

It is my instinct everything is coming together now, the banking changes, disclosure, but that's my personal assessment of what I feel.  I have no channeling or inside information of my own, other than that which swirls on the net that you also have access to.  Eventually, everything has to change or no human would be left alive on this planet.  I hope it begins August 4th.  If not, I will still carry on with what I am doing in my little part of trying to help bring a brighter future.  -AK

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, July 30, 2012

Dear Ones as you are learning from a number of sources, the point has been reached when Divine instructions have been given that action shall be taken without delay to announce our presence. We have shown extreme patience and given your leaders plenty of opportunity to take the steps called for to release you from the control of the Illuminati. We know that they too are also like many people in fear of them, but that has to be put aside to allow the truth to come out. The Olympics is the window that is being given world attention, and we cannot think of a better way to make it known. Time is fast running away and we must be given the opportunity to make ourselves known to you.

Some will still choose to disbelieve our messages, but that is their free choice which we honor. However, there is the important matter of Ascension and much to do in these final days, and we cannot wait any longer. Our allies have gone as far as can be reasonably expected, and they need complete freedom to go surging ahead with their final responsibilities. So very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.

The coming period will show those who are of the Light, as they will be able to step forward with our blessing and take the reins from those who are not. We want to stop all actions that are happening or proposed, that are purposefully directed at you the people to limit what little freedom you have left. You do have good souls of the Light that are here at this time to handle such matters. Hitherto you have had too many people in high places that have become corrupt, and do not know who you can trust. That must change and we are the ones to help you, as we know exactly what level of Light people are at and whether they are honest and proven to have the interest of others at heart.

We know you have had your share of disappointments over many years, when your expectations have for different reasons been dashed. However, we are empowered by God and we see no reason why the great spectacle of the Olympics, should not be a show window for the announcements of our existence and our coming part in your evolution. The end of this cycle is in itself an historic occasion that will be a long spoken about through this Universe. As we have often told you, it is a unique event of your Ascension with Mother Earth. Upon your assured success rests the future of the whole Universe, and many civilisations look on with awe and wonder at your coming Ascension.

Although you have been preparing yourselves for this time, we know it will take your breath away as it is a massive process of world wide extent. In one way or another every single soul is involved and provided for. Where God is concerned there are no mistakes but only perfection, so you may be certain that the outcome will place everyone where they are intended to be. You have had a long journey that has led you to where you are today, and your future will be a continuation of it in the next phase of your evolution. Do not worry exactly what that will mean where you are concerned, as in time you will be told. Be assured that many spiritual Beings share your journey and know you better than you know yourself, and you will progress in a manner that is exactly right for you.

Lightworkers can prepare to take some responsibility for making sure people around them are calm and not fearful about what is happening. We cannot cover it all in just a few days but will soon have the freedom and facilities to address you directly. We do not use your methods that are to us antiquated, and ours are such that no remaining members who oppose us will be able to prevent our communications to you. We know you well and have many recorded addresses that are precise and capable of relaying details to you that you will understand. We feel as excited as you do at the prospect of at last of meeting you, but first things first and the acknowledgement of our existence is most important.

That will allow us to be identified with the many ways that we have helped your civilization already, as much of our work has been carried out without any publicity. It goes back thousands of years when you have incarnated into your various lives in the many Races that exist on your Earth. It has all been part of your experiences that have enabled you to grow spiritually, in your understanding on your way back to the higher dimensions from whence you came. Bear in mind that you volunteered for your Earth lives, that have given you so many opportunities to find out about duality. You are all the greater for it and as you might say, earnt your spurs and done so in great style. You will not have to re-live those experiences unless for some reason you desire to do so.

You have yet to fully understand the function of the different time lines, and many different dimensions but all in good time when it will be of value to you. We will however tell you that everything that ever was still exists at some level, which is why you can go back in time and re-live your past lives. Of course you can also travel into the future and see all probabilities. It is what many seers have used to predict the future, but it is of course open to change. It is why you are best advised not to hold onto old prophesies too strongly, as time can change the outcome of events. An example of that is your present time which will in no way be as catastrophic as was first anticipated. You have lifted yourselves and Mother Earth up, and the Light has grown so much it has paved the way for much more peaceful changes than were thought possible.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and many of you will know already that this coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands.

Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light 

Personal message from Mike Quinsey:
"Dear Friends,

I feel that I should give my views as to what I feel about Disclosure as referred to in SaLuSa's message of today the 30th. July. It should answer questions that are being asked, and hopefully give out more Light through a better understanding of what is behind these events.

Naturally I did contemplate what type of message I would get today, as it would have seemed odd if there was no reference to the earlier messages about Disclosure. I found that mine came through very strongly which made me feel confident that it was genuine. After receiving it I naturally mulled over it's contents, and it seemed to me that there was definitely a concentrated focus upon the Olympic Games in London. Also that it was no coincidence that the live Sky T.V. coverage of the opening ceremony, revealed a Space Craft observing it and clearly seen in the background when the fireworks display was taking place.
It was also claimed in someone else's message, that the higher plan was for the Olympics to be held in London, and I recall it was because Great Britain is considered to be the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. Whatever the outcome is I believe the Light will have become much more powerful as a result. I also feel that it will have provided protection against any attempts of the dark Ones to interfere with the Olympics, and what could be better than such an occasion being used to bring Disclosure to the public's notice.

As I see it the only possibility that the proposed day for Disclosure would change would be by Divine command and as we often say, it is not written in stone. SaLuSa indicates this be so by referring to the Disclosure date of Saturday the 4th. August as being one of "intent" thus allowing for change if it was proved necessary. The dark Ones would clearly like to use the event for their own agenda, and it has been said that a fake alien attack was planned using real craft and holographic projections. However, one would like to think that it in no circumstances would it be allowed. On the other hand it might be so if it was stopped in its tracks, to reveal to everyone that it was a false flag attack by the Illuminati. Either way the truth about UFO's and Extraterrestrials could no longer continue to be denied, and I hope that some Leaders will come out with the truth as requested. For me nothing would be better than it to come from President Obama, who I still firmly believe is a great Being of Light, and would be giving a lead to the rest of the world.

These coming days will be filled with anticipation and excitement, and I hope we will witness a great step forward to fulfill our expectations. 

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey"


  1. With all due respect to Mike Quinsey, he doesn't know what he's talking about on several things. First, the earth's heart chakra is NOT Great Britain but mount Shasta. A simple check on the internet wouldv'e given him that information. Secondly, Barack Obama is NOT a great being of light. No great being of light would lie like he has done and is doing currently, taking away American's freedoms and basic rights, letting people starve to death, be tortured, raped, murdered, and not freeing the world's people with free energy technologies. He is an evil being...period. How convenient to be able to change the date of Aug 4th when Disclosure doesn't happen on that date, which it won't. Wake up, people...ETs aren't going to save us. We must save ourselves.

  2. dear anon, do you really believe that president Obama-or any president has control of the cabal? I would suggest that he found out on his first day that the shadow gov't has him by the "balls" so to speak, and are directing his every move, it is obvious, not only to me,but i'm sure it is to most people who are ,shall we say "attuned" to the real world of politics in general. so I would suggest you not be so hard on him-and perhaps put the blame for our current affairs where it truly belongs,at the feet of the controlling cabal/illuminati. may they burn.


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