Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lay Aside Any Desires To Condemn and Punish

July 29, 2012 by John Smallman

Life is tricky for some of you, as the moment for humanity’s grand awakening approaches.  All the personal issues that you have neglected or denied are breaking into your conscious awareness, quite forcibly if necessary, and it can be very unsettling.  All you have to do is allow them to present themselves to you. You do not have to do anything with them or about them; they hold an energy that needs to be released because it is causing blockages in your energy fields. Just observe them, experience the feelings they bring up for you — and just observe.  They may sit with you for quite a while, possibly being rather painful, but if you allow them, they will pass, leaving you feeling somewhat renewed or freed.

This is a time of enormous change in the way humans deal with one another — change that is essential for you to embrace as you prepare to awaken from the nightmare of violence, conflict, suffering, and betrayal that has been endemic on Earth for millennia.  Your true nature is Love, because it was from Love that you were created, but your earthly experience has been far removed from that because of the distrust that separation has encouraged and nurtured.

The change that is required is for you to see, acknowledge, and then release those attitudes that have served you so ill.  Wherever you choose to cast your gaze you can see the enormous damage that these attitudes have been, and still are, causing all over the world, and you can also see how totally ineffective have been your attempts to alter those situations and bring in peace, whether it be in your own families or between nations, when you “declare war on” the issues that you believe need to be addressed.  Declaring war on a situation, issue, or problem is to make a decision that others are wrong, you (or “your side”) is right, and that “they” need to be taught a lesson, which will force them into line. And how many lessons has humanity attempted to teach itself over the eons, and with what success?

What humans keep on doing would be amusing if it were not causing so much unjustifiable and unnecessary suffering to so many.  How many times do people attempt to alter the behavior of others by disapproval or by force, find that it does not work, and then when another issue arises, use the same tactics?  And the arrogance of the belief that “my team / my side /s I am right” is truly quite stunning.  Finally, this is becoming apparent to even those who are keenest to continue “shooting themselves in the foot.”

Humanity has collectively decided to change its attitudes and behaviors, and as a result the divine energies pouring down on the planet are intensifying so that you have the strength to “walk your talk” despite the ridicule and contempt that those who hold the reins, and who claim to be wiser and more intelligent, shower on your efforts.  They cannot succeed, for it is they who lack wisdom and intelligence and who continue to believe that their righteous and inflexible outlook will win the day.  They are riding for a fall, and it will not be long in coming.

You, the enlightened ones, insofar as you have finally realized to what a sorry state your old ways have brought you, must accept that the people who have designed, planned, and perpetrated these corrupt and heartless practices are themselves, just like you, beloved children of God.  It is therefore incumbent upon you to lay aside any desires to condemn and punish them, and to ensure that any attempt at reprisals against them is contained.  Everyone who has ever inhabited the earth plane has at some point behaved atrociously – no one is without stain of sin.

Now, with God’s Love flooding the planet, the way forward is through Love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness.  Anything else just hurls you back into the morass from which you are so successfully climbing out.  It may well be difficult for you to engage completely with these new enlightened ways, but is essential for the awakening process.  Knowing this, be the calm, the peace, the compassion, and the Love that your Father has instilled in you.  Break the patterns of the old order, and joyfully usher in the new Golden Age for which you have all been longing.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


  1. I'm all about love, kindness and forgiveness. The powerfull and corrupt who have caused untold and immeasureable suffering need to have a chance to repent and reform--it just needs to happen in a cold cell for the rest of this life.
    Dennis Patterson--Deer Park, WA

  2. That's a pretty tall order to forgive the cabal who has caused all the wars through their actions and would rather see you dead for us to just turn around and say "Oh we forgive you for blowing up our homes and blowing our children to pieces and for the tyranny and starvation."

    I think the best that should be expected of us is that we don't hate them and retalliate. That should be forgivness enough. It's hard enough for a stranger to see something terrible happening to a child never mind their parent's

    1. You have really touched a deep core issue.

      I have spent a considerable amount of time in my life holding grudges, and I got really good at it. As comedian Buddy Hackett once said, while we are busy holding grudges, they are out dancing.

      Another saying I like is that forgiveness is a process not an event.

      The stance of forgiveness isn't for the other person. It is for us. It frees us from pain. The other person still needs to face consequences.

      If the other person can truly accept forgiveness then it is less likely the same patterns of causing pain will continue, I believe. Self loathing is probably why people hurt each other in the first place, like an attempt to get rid of it and put it on someone else.

      If a person who has committed an offense can accept forgiveness, this begins a road of healing and making amends. If not, the person offering forgiveness can still begin his or her own healing process.

      I find this process works in reverse as well. If someone is truly sorry for hurting another, intentionally or otherwise, that person can offer forgiveness to herself or himself and move on with or without the blessing of the offended one.

      Forgiveness is the single most important thing we can accomplish in this life. The one's who have mastered this are the one's who really know the meaning of power. I hope to emulate them. Nothing else heals. I have had moments of success and know this to be true.

      Nothing but love can stare down the darkness and not flinch.


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