Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Emotional Clearing Sessions
for Military Veterans!

From SoldierHugs.com

Free Emotional Clearing Sessions for Military Veterans!

Attn: all Military Veterans

Folks, I have some special information to share here that is the result of two very kind and generous women whom have contacted me with the desire to offer FREE services to military veterans in the form of clearing and healing modalities aimed and helping vets with PTSD, and other issues associated with negative energy blockages or dis-connections that wreak havic with the emotional body and neural network associations. These alternative modalities are quite fantastic and amazingly simple to apply and can be done over great distances without the need to necessarily be in person for sessions and healing.

One of the women I mentioned above is Shanie. For those of you whom have read any of the SoldierHUGS blog threads may be familiar with her as she is also an admin of the site and helps me admin comments in the blog. I ahd my own great personal experience with her "Emotion Code and Body Code methods yesterday, whereas Shanie was able to identify and CLEAR 13 different energy blockages that were causing me discomfort and difficulty. She did this all from thousands of miles away! I was absolutely amazed at the results, for almost immediately and since then, I have felt much more calm, relaxed, and without stress. I can feel the difference and its big!

So anyway, these 2 women have kindly offered their services free of charge to military veterans who may be suffering from these.  I am so moved by their offers and kindness that I wanted to get this post up and out in circulation.

I have included here a description for both Shanie and Trisha´s services and offering to Veterans:
Find out more by clicking: http://www.soldierhugs.com/free-emotional-clearing/

With Love,


  1. This is where our new beginning starts. Not enough of us do this kind of giving but I believe soon our society will realize the great advantage in giving of ones gifts for a living.

    I wish to thank the world for the loving we receive...

    Love light and peace to us all

  2. This is wonderful! I do Reiki and have been asking my other half who is a vet, I would like to get in touch with someone from the VA, so that I can start doing Reiki on our guys!

    Thanks for bringing this up! It's my push!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. It was very helpful to me!

  4. There is a therapy named EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). It can help soldiers from traumatisms. You may want to check Dr. Allan Botkin's protocole regarding EMDR that he associated with another approach named Induced After-Death Communication : IADC.

    These scientific and alternatives approaches - well recognised by now may be of some help, as in the cases Dr. Botkin often described with this therapy. I hope that the ladies you mention have heard about it. If not, it will be a good idea to search about IADC and EMDR.


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