Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dutchsinse: 7/21/2012 -- FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012

A warning of a possible theater attack was issued by the FBI on May 17th and then removed.  Dutchsinse got a copy of it.


  1. How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000.00 worth of "dark purpose" goods? Qui Bono?

    1. Good question Alfred and the answer is he does not unless he has been turned into a Manchurian candidate. The question to me is by whom as both factions of the gun issue are using the event to promote their agenda. Rest assure this will promote the purchase of more guns by sheeples that should not be buying guns as well as those clamoring for more gun regulations.

    2. To me it looks like a false flag event. The UN gun grabbing bill is looking like it might be shot down and Sheriff “Joe” is closing in on Obama what a better time to create a little diversion. What better place then near Columbine to further stroke the public’s emotions? Is it unrealistic to think that this might be a staged event? Could this simply be a follow up event to the failed “Fast and Furious” attack on the 2nd amendment?

    3. Exactly my thoughts. People who go to the University of Riverside generally don't have big budgets, and by the time a kid gets to PhD level he's probably got close to 70k-80k worth of school loans. So how does he get $20,000 in tactical weaponry? The lone gunman thing is so trite as to a joke anymore.

      Whomever his controllers are, the motive, I think, is simply to inject fear and lower the overall vibration of this country. Random acts of violence generate distrust and lead people to think that other humans are not worthy of love. It causes people to retreat from social interactions and joy. The fact that it divides gun owners (generally conservatives) from those that want to restrict guns (generally east coast liberals) just adds to that polarized atmosphere. Its the same old M.O. over and over again, divide and conquer through fear. And they laugh all the way to the bank by offering more drones and security hardware to spy on us.

    4. "Its the same old M.O. over and over again, divide and conquer through fear."

      that is the cold hard truth. my credo is to not be attached to any aspect, but to watch, wait and see, but BE in the higher vibration of Love- for all of humanity.

      the more we buy into fear/hatred of one 'side' or another- no matter whomever is telling us their information is the truth- the more we remain in separation.

      our ultimate goal is Unity- keep your focus on that, and we'll all benefit.

  2. Colorado theater shooting suspect makes first court appearance...

    "James E. Holmes, his hair dyed various shades of orange, looked downward, then straight ahead. He sat without blinking for long periods. At times, his eyes fluttered, then squeezed tight and reopened in a blank stare. Occasionally, his eyebrows arched over several days of stubble, giving his face a mournful mien.
    But the man who identified himself to police as "The Joker," dressed in a maroon jumpsuit over a white T-shirt, appeared dazed; he gave little indication that he was paying attention to the courtroom procedure that ensured he will continue to be held without bond."

    Holmes hair look like he wants to show people that he is crazy...I do not think he is...I think his mind is controlled by someone else...


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