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Facing Ghosts of Christmas Past...

Facing Ghosts of Christmas Past...
by American Kabuki

Its been a while since I have written an article for my blog. Its not that I haven't written many  as I worked through many weeks of emotions, but I kept asking myself the same question, "what do you wish to create?"  I've gone through article after article and trashed them all.  It wasn't the energy I wish to put out into the world.  And it certainly wouldn't change the world for the better. But by expressing it in writing, and then trashing it did serve as a way to quantify what was bothering me and the act of trashing it into the Mac waste bin an act of letting it go.  There was value in that even if it didn't have an external audience. 

I have no control on what others do.  I don't much like the recent drama. Heather has taken it in stride and much more positively than I have. I do have control over what I do and what energy I put into the world as my creation.  And pure love is the only valid measure of how well I succeed in doing that.

But recent events it did serve a useful purpose for me.  A number of experiences of my journey through life came up for resurfacing that I had thought were long gone and forgotten. I have a low tolerance for betrayal. I do not like friends turning on friends, and calling it courage and moral fortitude. Admittedly that is my perception, and it assumes Heather looks at it that way when in truth she does not.  She sees them all only as pure love.  Even if they do not see her that way at this moment.

There were some old experiences from the past I had to let go that were being shown to me again by similar circumstances in recent weeks.  And they are probably emotions that contributed to my illness in 2008.   I left the whole church thing behind in 2009.  But apparently parts of the experience lingered.

But as I looked at all that transpired, I see many parallels to a prior experience during the 1990s when I was engaged in movement to reform a religion.   And that experience was every bit as intense as this one is.  Nothing does separation quite as well as religion.  Good boot camp in surviving it.  I witnessed loyalties veer right and left of the religious spectrum as people came to see truth, embrace it, and in some cases turn around and run away from it and raise a figurative cross of denial in the face of truth, as if truth were a vampire of darkness there to suck out the life blood of their blind faith and preconceptions from the marrow of their bones.  Cognitive dissonance of multiple conflicting beliefs will generate some really bizarre turns of behavior.

GW Hardin helped me a lot during the 1990s. He helped me recognize the value in Oneness consciousness, and how dualistic my thinking of good vs evil really was.  What part of a human is good and what part is evil? How do you kill the bad part and leave the good part? Do you kill it or shame it away? Has that ever worked?  If they are the creator in flesh, and you are too, where is your standing or mine to judge?

Abraham Hicks - 2014/11/15 - San Antonio TX

Arcturian Message: The Stadium

Saturday, December 20, 2014
Looking Back to Move Forward -- A 10 Year Journey

As we come into the final days of the year 2014, I realize that I have written a Newsletter almost every month since 11-24-03. Feeling nostalgic I decided to find a representative writing for each year, preferable on a month close to the end of the year. 

Today, I begin the walk down memory lane toward January 1, 2015. 

I send many thanks and unconditional love to my many wonderful friends who walk this lane with me.
Arcturian Message - THE STADIUM
as channeled by Suzanne Lie Ph.D. 

In moments in which you are bound by time and space, you are a point of focus that is the perspective of one of the many aspects that is your SELF. Lets begin with the perspective of your Grounding Point sitting at the top of the stadium as you look down on the infamous 3D Game.

You can feel the illumination of the immense stadium lights just over your head. These lights are your compassionate, beyond-human Self. From the perspective of your Grounding Point, these lights still seem “above” you.

If you were to remember being One, or perhaps being all of the lights, you, too, would become beyond human. You would be Light; in fact, you would become Lightbody. Just as you are now Soul inside and human outside, when you become the “lights” you will be Soul outside and human inside. The “I” that once was “ME” will become the “WE,” as your Lightbody no longer lives with the illusion of separation. Hence, your “I” would be “WE.”

You now feel the yearning to become the lights and an inner tug to be aware of your humanness as a part of your SELF rather than our SELF as a part of your humanness. But, if you did become the lights, would you return to the stadium? Could you enjoy the game that you are all so busily cheering for? There are two teams down there, the BAD team in the dark uniforms and the GOOD team in the light uniforms.

You understand that the teams wear uniforms so that the audience can tell the difference between the teams. They also wear uniforms so that each team member can tell who is on “their” team and who is on the “other” team.

Otherwise, a “good” guy might assist a “bad” guy or a “bad’ guy might assist a “good” guy. What if they all had the same uniform—the human uniform? Then it would be very difficult to keep track of the game. How could the audience know who was winning and who was losing?

The game would be just a bunch of humans running around and interacting with each other. There would be no drama, no winner and no loser. But from the top of the “stadium,” it is difficult to differentiate the uniforms.

The light uniforms have become so soiled from rolling in the dirt that they are now as dark as the dark uniforms. Some of the audience, those sitting at the base of the stadium, can still distinguish between the light and dark, but most of “them,” who are actually fragments of your complete SELF, can no longer tell the difference; nor do “they” care.

You are bored with watching the game of good and bad. You do not care who wins, because you know that you are ALL on the same team. The constant conflict has become tedious to you, and you are now far more curious about the lights above you.

As you look around the stadium, you see that more and more of you are tiring of the game and have turned your attention up, towards the lights. How would it feel to BE the lights?

More and more of you look up into the lights, whereas only a few are still watching the game. Why, even some of the team members have stopped their eternal competition to look into the lights!

As more of you look up into the lights, rather than down onto what the lights are illuminating, the members of the audience blur into one audience. Even the members of the two opposing teams blur into “the players.”

Many of them are also fed up with the game and climb up into the audience, so that they can better see the lights. The lights are living magnets. They embrace all of you with their Essence, which is the feeling of FREEDOM.

The lights whisper into your Essence, “Wait until everyone is ready to see us. Then we have a surprise for you beyond your imagination!”

You don’t want to wait, but yet you know that you will. You will wait until every fragment of your SELF is ready to release the game. You will use the force of your “waiting” to build an energy field that even your most “lost self” cannot ignore.

You will then allow the impetus of this field to build until, not only the entire audience becomes the light, but also the stadium, the parking lot, the earth under the parking lot, in fact—all of it—all the EARTH, all the planet, shall BECOME THE LIGHT.

Then, and only then, will the 3D game be over!

Dazzling Images of the Brain Created by Neuroscientist-Artist

Image of Spinal Cord

Dazzling Images of the Brain Created by Neuroscientist-Artist
by Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer | December 10, 2014 10:20am ET

The brain has been called the most complex structure in the universe, but it may also be the most beautiful. One artist's work captures both the aesthetics and sophistication of this most enigmatic organ.

Greg Dunn earned a PhD in neuroscience before deciding to become a professional artist. "I had been a scientist in my previous life," Dunn said.

The patterns of branching neurons he saw through the microscope reminded him of the aesthetic principles in Asian art, which he had always admired. Dunn realized that neurons could be painted in the sumi-e (ink wash painting) style, which involves making as few brush strokes as possible to capture the soul of the subject. [Research as Art: A Gallery of Scientific Beauty]

"The microscopic world belongs in the world of Asian art," Dunn said. "There's no distinction between painting a landscape of a forest and a landscape of the brain." Here are a few of his dazzling creations.

Cortical Columns (21K, 18K and 12K gold, ink, dye, and mica on aluminized panel)

Dunn's early work involved very minimalist compositions. He uses microscope images to inspire him, but he paints all the neurons himself.

"It's almost a zen quality to the branching pattern of a neuron that I was interested in capturing initially," he said. (Credit: Greg Dunn)

Basket and Pyramidals (Ink on 22K gold)

Dunn developed a process that involves blowing ink around on non-absorbent paper. The shape of the paper and the turbulence in the air cause the ink to splatter in a way that perfectly captures the treelike tangles of a neuron. (Credit: Greg Dunn)

Gold Cortex II (Ink on 22K gold)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heavenletter #5139 Love Wins the Day

Heavenletter #5139 Love Wins the Day

December 20, 2014

God said:

Inestimable is the value of love from your heart to Mine and from My heart to yours. In this equation, love goes to and from everyone on Earth and everyone no longer on Earth, and to everything ever thought of. Love is all-inclusive. Love is no matter what. This is true whether you accept love or not and whether you scoff at the idea of love or not. Oneness means Oneness. No one is left out of Oneness, or Oneness would not be.

Whatever you may think of Me or yourself or anyone or anything, you are deep in My heart. And, no matter, whatever you purport to think, I am deep in your heart. All the rest, whatever you may see as apart from love, is dilly-dallying. You are love. There are no exceptions. You cannot twitter love away.

You construe absence of love and separation from love. This an aberration that shows how little you know. Love may not wave a flag, yet love does not waver. Love is a vibration, and, yes, even the world is made of this holy vibration. Love does not hide from your view. You hide from love. You may even hide from your acknowledgement of love even as it is burgeoning before you.

You will feel love. Love will dawn on you. You will catch on to love in its essence. You will be swept up in love.

Love can be seen in deeds, yet love is not a deed. It is an essence. Love is sacred to every thing, despite the bill of goods you have sold yourself in your attempt to deny love.

You may think you know the opposite of love, and you may think you own it, or that the opposite of love owns you. How quick you are to accept that and so slow to accept that you are love no matter how much you may fend off love.

Try as you may, if, indeed, you try, you cannot destroy love, even when you go to great lengths. You want love so much and fear being denied love so much that you will deny love to prevent love from denying you first. You maintain that you are not a dreamer. You maintain that you are a realist as you deny the love that you are made of. You shrug off love in the name of proof and reason. Dear Ones, love is the most reasonable thing there is. Nothing else comes close to love. No matter how you may twist the screws on love, no matter how much you may deny love, you cannot make love disappear. How unreasonable is that idea anyway?